The process for international travel is managed by the Office of International Programs. 

Vehicle Liability Insurance

The laws of many foreign countries require the purchase of local vehicle insurance. MSU employees who are traveling outside of the United States must purchase local vehicle liability insurance at the minimum limits in accordance with the laws of the local jurisdiction they are traveling to. When employees rent/lease a vehicle they need to make sure that their name, together with Montana State University, is listed as the lessor/named insured on the rental agreement. Otherwise, the rental car company may pursue damages from the individual as opposed to the university. The state’s international vehicle liability insurance program is ‘contingent’ (i.e. coverage is excess of locally required coverage). Contingent coverage may not be available if local insurance requirements have not been satisfied.  

Vehicle Comprehensive/Collision Coverage

We advise our travelers to take advantage of the free vehicle comprehensive/collision coverage provided by VISA worldwide for university travelers who charge his/her travel fare to their university credit card. For additional information about the free coverage offered by VISA, please visit the state Risk Management & Tort Defense Division’s website at