What is TEAMS?

TEAMS (Teaching Engineering Applications in Math and Science) is a program run by the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering at Montana State University that helps Montana teachers enhance their math and science instruction by incorporating engineering into their curricula.

TEAMS connects engaged MSU engineering and education faculty members with teachers from across Montana in a two-day workshop. During the workshop, engineering faculty teach sample lessons and geared toward specific learning outcomes. They describe the relevant math and science subjects and the materials and resources needed, and provide detailed instructional procedures. The education faculty map the lessons to state and national educational standards and provide feedback to the teachers. Teachers leave with a binder of all materials covered and how to incorporate engineering concepts into their curricula. 

Through this partnership, teachers and students alike gain a greater knowledge of math and science content using real-world engineering applications, as well as gain an awareness of what engineers do, what engineering careers are available, and how to best prepare for a career in engineering.


  • Provide support for K-8th grade teachers in effectively teaching math and science content that meets Common Core Standards
  • Create a learning community among K-8th grade teachers and MSU education and engineering faculty
  • Broaden participation in engineering by developing an awareness of engineering careers and by improving grade K-8th grade student preparedness in math and science 

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