TEAMS workshop offers a two day learning experience designed for K-8 math and science teachers to learn engineering standards and how to implement them within their math and science curriculum. MSU's Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering and Department of Education staff and faculty members collaborate to effectively teach engineering concepts and applications that can be used in the math and science curriculum.


Summer 2021 Workshops for K-8 Teachers


ONLINE Workshop  

Date- June 21-22, 2021





40 spaces available per workshop


Workshop Schedule

Learn more about what you can expect by viewing a sample workshop schedule.



Benefits of Attending the Workshop

Knowledge of engineering applications for math and science

Engineering lesson plans for the K-8classroom

Knowledge of OPI standards

Receive OPI renewal units

A $225 stipend for completion of the workshop

Inclusion in a learning community of math and science teachers




K-8 Educators are responsible for lodging and parking, breakfast and lunch will be provided during the workshops

Stipends will be awarded after completion of the workshop and lesson plan paperwork is submitted