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This is the application for the course at MSU during  Summer 2023. Please fill out the application with complete and accurate information. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Trails to Research
Montana State University
529 Leon Johnson Hall 
Bozeman, MT 59717-1234

Christa Merzdorf

[email protected]

Jennifer Forecki

[email protected]


Trails to Research applications are due May 1st, 2023

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Course Prep

 As part of this course, you will be studying the development of zebrafish embryos as a model for human health and also as an indicator of environmental health (an embryo is a developing organism after fertilization. A human embryo develops into a fetus.)

Substances in the environment affect the development of animals and humans alike. When a woman is pregnant, the substances she consumes and comes in contact with can affect human development.  Since we cannot treat and observe human embryos, we will use zebrafish embryos instead and observe the effects of treatments of your choice on their development.  

Thus, we ask you to provide us with a few ideas for treatments of the zebrafish embryos. In the space below, please list some ideas of any substances you would be interested in testing, whether they affect the development of fish embryos. 

There is a NO cell phone policy for this course, when we are in the lab we will limit the use of cell phone to the afternoon of day 2 to act as a calculator. During the remainder of the course due to chemicals and liquids, cellphones must be put away in bags and pockets until the course finishes for the day.
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