MSU TRIO Student Support Services

We are proud to partner with the US Department of Education to offer TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at Montana State University. MSU TRIO SSS scholars receive unsurpassed support from a committed team of staff, student tutors and mentors from the moment they enroll as a Bobcat through graduation.

We are invested in your success!

We are here to help you shape your signature student experience by creating a personalized Academic Success and Career Plan. This plan, combined with the effort of your team and your personal motivation to succeed, will help guide your first days as a MSU TRIO SSS scholar through graduation.

We have assembled a collection of innovative programs and services designed to enrich and shape your university experience – both inside and outside of the classroom. Examples include: regular access to career coaching, one-on-one tutoring, success advising, learning strategy advising, professional skills training, and financial coaching. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about your own potential through the use of personalized inventories to develop a sense of who you are and what you might do with your degree.

Beyond supportive people and services – we offer access to events, lectures, workshops, networking events, research experiences, mentoring, and luncheons. These programs and experiences are designed to provide important context, inspiration and networking to advance your signature student experience.

Following US Department of Education Guidelines, the MSU TRIO SSS program is committed to supporting low income, first generation and/or disabled students. We are honored to serve and support this vibrant community of citizens and scholars.