Long Term Contractor Key Requests

Facilities Services Reception Area
Plew Building, 6th Avenue and Grant Street
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday     (closed on University staff holidays)

A Long Term Contract Key Request must be received, in advance, before a key may be issued.

Work Control will continue to issue keys to contractors for daily use. Contractors are encouraged to make use of this process, but may use the long term key issue process described here if needed.

Contractor Key Issues

The facilities representative (a University staff member, e.g. Project Manager) must complete the Docusign Contractor Key Request Form and obtain all required signatures. Completed forms are then automatically emailed to the Key Request Inbox. Key requests received by 10:00 AM will normally be available for pick up by noon of the next workday. However, various factors may cause processing to take more, or less time than usual. Facilities Services will contact the facilities representative and the key holder when the key is ready for pick up.  The key must be picked up in person by the key holder between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM at the Key Desk, located in the Plew building on the corner of 6th and Grant Street.  In order to receive key the person must bring valid photo identification and be prepared to sign for all key(s) being issued to them.  Please arrange to pick up your key within thirty days after being notified that it is ready.  Key requests may be purged if the key is not picked up in a timely manner, in which case a new Key Request Form will be required.  If you need ADA accessibility, please call 406-994-4131 for arrangements.

Contractor Key Returns

The contractor (key holder) must return all University keys to the Key Desk in the Plew building when they are no longer needed.  The facilities representative will be notified when the keys have been returned to the Key Desk in the Plew Building located at the corner of 6th and Grant Street. If ADA accessibility is needed, please call 406-994-4131 for arrangements.