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Building Departments

Building Number

Building Supervisor Phone     Number
901 Technology Blvd MTPBS (901TB)
   Montana PBS-KUSM TV
981 Crystal Beaty


1102 South 6th Avenue (1102S6)
   Health Advancement Office
526 Marci Torres 994-2337
1106 South 6th Avenue (1106S6)
   Health Advancement Office
527 Marci Torres 994-2337
Agronomy Field House (AGROFH) - Garfield St
   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
610 Hwa-Young Heo 994-5059
AJM Johnson Hall (AJMJH)
   American Indian and Rural Health Equity Center 
   Land Resources and Environmental Sciences 
   Microbiology and Immunology 
   Montana INBRE 
   Research and Economic Development 
   UIT Server Room 
   UIT Student Lab 233
113 Shane Mayer-Gawlik

American Indian Hall (AIH)

  Walter Fleming 994-3881
Animal Biosciences Building (ABB)
   Animal and Range Sciences 
   UIT Student Lab 234
147 Carl Yeoman 994-7440
Anna Pearl Sherrick Hall (APSHER)
   College of Nursing 
   Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies Center
122 Kelly Weak 994-2671
Atkinson Quadrangle A, B, C, D, E, and F Residence Halls (AQUADA, AQUADB, AQUADC, AQUADD, AQUADE, AQUADF)
   University Honors College (AQUADF) 
   Residence Life
370-375 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Auxiliaries Storage Facility (AUXSTO)
   Family Housing
532 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Barnard Hall (Formerly EPS) (BARNAR)
   Center for Biofilm Engineering 
   Chemical & Biological Engineering 
   Computer Science 
   Electrical and Computer Engineering 
   Engineering College Dean IT 
   Extended University-Burns Technology Center 
   Imaging and Chemical Analysis Laboratory-ICAL 
   Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
   Montana Microfabrication Facility-MMF 
   UIT Student Lab Atrium

Brett Gunnink         



BART Farm Shop (Bozeman Area Research and Teaching Ag Experiment Station (BARTFS)
   Agricultural Experiment Station 
   Animal and Range Sciences 
   AI and Beef Barns 
   Feed Mill 
   Girven Farm Buildings 
   Nutrition Center
416; 465 Kellen Marlow






Black Box Theatre (BBX)
   Film and Photography School 
   Shakespeare in the Parks

Adam Fedock

Kevin Asselin



Bobcat Anderson Tennis Center (TENNIS)
   Bobcat Athletics


140 Rob Bareford 994-6263

 Bobcat Athletic Center (BAC)

171 Jerry Anderson Jr. 994-5694

Bobcat Stadium (BS+) - 18 building numbers
   Bobcat Athletics 
   Sports Facilities

154+ Chris Hayden 994-7117
Bobcat Stadium Track Grandstand-Bleachers (BSTS) (3 building numbers)
   Bobcat Athletics 
   Sports Facilities
175+ Chris Hayden 994-7117
Bobcat Stadium DAS Hub (BSDASH)
   Crown Castle-Verizon Distributed Antenna System
971 Christian Black 994-7301
Bozeman Health Highland Park 5 (HP5L2)
   WWAMI Medical Program
978 Kayla Ouert 994-4411
Branegan Court Townhouses (8) (BRAN01-08)
   Family Housing
5291XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse (BBFH)
   Auxiliary Services 
   Bobcat Athletics 
   Bobcat Sports Properties 
   Sports Facilities
114 Chris Hayden 994-7117
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse Storage Building (BBFSTO)
   Sports Facilities
345 Chris Hayden 994-7117
CFT Building #2 (CFT2), 2311 South 7th Avenue
   Optical Technology Center 
   Montana Manufacturing Extension Center-MMEC 
   TechLink Center 
   Technology Transfer Office 
   Western Transportation Institute-WTI
903 Brett Gunnink 994-2272
CFT Building #4 (CFT4), 2310 University Way #4 
   Spectrum Lab
916 Brett Gunnink 994-2272
CFT Building #5 (CFT5) aka University Way Building, 2327 University Way
   Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership 
   Center Health & Safety Culture 
   Energy Research Institute 
   Local Technical Assistance Program LTAP 
   Mt Dept of Transportation Design Group 
   Northern Rockies Mountain Science Center-US Geological         Survey (not MSU) 
   University Information Technology UIT 
   Western Transportation Insitute WTI 
   Zero Emissions Research & Technology Center (ZERT)
905 Brett Gunnink 994-2272
Cheever Hall (CHEEVE)
   College of Arts and Architecture-Dean 
127 Bill Clinton 994-4402
Chemistry Biochemistry Building (CBB)
   Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joan Broderick

Kimberly Hilmer


Chemistry Stores (CHMSTR)
   Chemistry and Biochemistry
229 Joan Broderick 994-6160
Cobleigh Hall (COBLEI)
   Chemical & Biological Engineering 
   Civil Engineering 
   Electrical & Computing Engineering 
   Montana Microfabrication Facility (MMF) 
   Montana Space Grant Consortium
119 Brett Gunnink 994-2272
Cooley Laboratory (COOLEY)
   Cell Biology & Neuroscience 
   Center for Zoonotic & Emerging Infectious Diseases COBRE 
   Microbiology & Immunology 

Kelley Kane

Jovanka Voyich



Culbertson (CULBER)
   ACE Language Institute 
   Audit Services 
   Continuing Education Office 
   Extended University-Burns Technology Center 
   Extension Service 
   Human Resources 
   International Programs 
   Local Government Center 
   Mail Services- Post Office 
   Montana AHEC/Rural Health Office 
   Montana State Online 
   MSU Creative Services 
   University Communications 
   University Printing
136 Jason Killam 994-5104
Danforth Chapel (DANFOR)
   weddings, memorials, religious services
313 Butch Damberger 994-5816
East Julia Martin Apartments (11) (EJM101-111)
   Family Housing
5231XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Facilities Campus Stores (FSTOR)
   Facilities Campus Stores
530   994-2001
Facilities Carpenter Shop (FCARP)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
442   994-2001
Facilities Custodial Quonset (FCUSTQ)
   Facilities Campus Custodial Services
326   994-2001
Facilities Electrician Quonset (FEL)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
322   994-2001
Facilities Engineers Quonset (FENGRQ)
   Facilities Services Mechanical Engineers
325   994-2001
Facilities Grounds Shop (FLG)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
339   994-2001
Facilities Laborer Quonset (FLQ)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
324   994-2001
Facilities Mechanic/Metal Shop (FMECH)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
314   994-2001
Facilities Meeting Quonset (PMEET)
   Facilities Services
328   994-2001
Facilities Paint Booth/Shop (FPA)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
309   994-2001
Facilities Plumbers Quonset (FPLUMQ)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
323   994-2001
Facilities Refrigeration Quonset (FRFQ)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
321   994-2001
Facilities Work Control Modular (FWCC)
   Facilities Campus Maintenance
310   994-2001
Faculty Court - 7 (FC07)
213   994-2001
Faculty Court - 9 (FC09)
   College of Engineering
212   994-2001
Faculty Court - 11 (FC11)
   Physics Department
211 Yves Idzerda 994-7838
Faculty Court - 13 (FC13)
   Center for Biofilm Engineering
210 Matthew Fields 994-7340
Faculty Court - 15 (FC15)
   Mechanical and Industritial Engineering
220   994-2203
Faculty Court - 21 (FC21)
   Electrical and Computer Engineering
533 Robert Maher 994-7759
Faculty Court - 22 (FC22)
   Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
   Wind Applications Center
534 Christopher Jenkins 994-2203
Faculty Court - 23 (FC23)
   Computer Science
535 Suzie Hockel 406-580-7546
Faculty Court - 24 (FC24)
   Computer Science
536 John Sheppard 994-4835
Faculty Court - 25 (FC25)
   Electrical and Computer Engineering
537   994-7759
Faculty Court 1605 South 5th (FC1605)
538 Todd Kipfer 994-7977
Farrier Horseshoeing Building (FARRIE)
   Animal and Range Sciences 
   Farrier School (horseshoeing)
456 Diego Almeida 994-2648
Family Housing Office Building (FHOB)
   Family Housing
524 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWPHRF, FWPESB, FWPSLF)
   Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 3 Headquarters 
   External Storage 
135; 166;167 Marina Yoshioka 577-7890
Forestry Sciences Laboratory (FSLG)
   USDA Forest Service 
   Extension Service
206; 208; 209 Justin Runyon 994-4872
Fort Ellis Research Farm (ELLIS) (East Frontage Road)
   Agriculture Experiment Station Bozeman Area Operations
721+ Kellen Marlow 994-2052
Fox Court (23) (FOXXXX)
   Family Housing
5641XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Gaines Hall (GAINES)
   Academic Advising Center 
   Chemistry and Biochemistry 
   Modern Languages & Literature 
   Undergraduate Scholars Program 
   University Studies
117 Galen Brokaw 994-6448
Gallatin College East Campus (Frontage Road Properties) (GCE) 705 Osterman Drive
   Gallatin College East Campus-Units A-E

Rochelle Celander

Gallatin College North (Bozeman High School) (GCN)
   Gallatin College North Campus
936 Stephanie Gray 994-5256
Gallatin Hall (GALLAT)
   Residence Life
337 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Garfield Street Houses (2) (GARF01,02)
   Family Housing
5651XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Glacier Court Houses (42) (GLACXX)
   Family Housing
5631XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Gopher Street Houses (7) (GOPHXX)
   Family Housing
5671XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Graf St Residence - 16 Graf (GRAFST)
   President's Residence
506 Waded Cruzado 994-2341
Grant Chamberlain Drive Apartments (6) (GRANTX)
   Family Housing
5281XX Jeff Bondy 994-2261
Hamilton Hall (HAMILT)
   Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) 
   Army ROTC 
   Gallatin College 
   Research Compliance
301 Stephanie Gray 994-5256
Hannon Hall (HANNON)
   Hannon Dining Hall 
   Residence Life & University Food Service
331 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Hapner Hall (HAPNER)
   Central Salad Production 
   Fat Cat Bakery 
   Residence Life & University Food Service
336 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Haynes Hall (HAYNES)
   School of Art

Josh DeWeese

Krista Metzger




Health Science Building (HSB) 2155 Analysis Drive (2155AD)


Mark Quinn



Heating Plant (HPLANT)
   Facilities Services
303 Megan Sterl 994-6544
Herrick Hall (HERRIC)
   Child Development Center 
   Health and Human Development

Rebecca Koltz

Milana Lazetich



Horticulture Multipurpose Barn (HORMB) and assorted small buildings
   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 
   Horticulture Farm 
   Pollinator Health Center
626+ David Baumbauer 994-2231
Howard Hall (HOWARD)
   School of Music
126  Jason Bolte 994-3564

Hyalite Hall

     Residence Life

  Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Roy E. Huffman Building (REHUFF)
   Emergency Management Office 
   Parking Facility 
   University Police

Mike Stanley

Jabs Hall (JABS)
   Bracken Business Communications Clinic (BBCC) 
   The Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
178 Ana Voss 994-4423
Jefferson Hall (JEFFER)
   Residence Life
335 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Johnstone Center Residence Hall; Colter Hall (COLTER); Harrison Dining Hall (HARRIS); Mullan Hall (MULLAN); Pryor Hall (PRYOR)
   Residence Life & University Food Services
330; 102; 104; 103; 101 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Kellogg Center (KELLOG)
   Human Development Center
630 Brian Lamb 994-3757
Langford Hall (LANGFO)
   Residence Life
338 Jeff Bondy 994-2661

Leon Johnson Hall (LJH) 
   Earth Science 
   Health Professions Advising 
   Institute on Ecosystems                                                                     Ivan Doig Center
   Land Resources and Environmental Sciences 
   Microbiology and Immunology
   Plant Science and Plant Pathology 
   Spatial Sciences Center 


Bob Peterson


Dorie Seymour




Lewis Hall (LEWIS)
   Ag Education Center-FFA 
   Cell Biology and Neuroscience 
   Fish & Wildlife Management 
   Microbiology $amp Immunology 
   Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit 
   Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

Diane Debinski

Bernadette Diaz




Linfield Hall (LIN); Linfield Hall South (LINSO)
   Agriculture Education 
   College of Agriculture-VP 
   Agricultural Experiment Station Director's Office 
   Agricultural Economics & Economics 
   History & Philosophy 
   Land Resources and Environmental Sciences 
   UIT Student Lab 232
104101; 104102 Laura Wilson 994-3683
Louise Shunk Daycare & Community Center (LSDCC)
   ASMSU Daycare
512 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Lutz Farm (LUTZ) (McGuire Road)
   Agriculture Experiment Station Bozeman Area Operations
800+ Dave Gettel 788-7332
Madison Hall (MADISO)
   Residence Life
334 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Marga Hosaeus Health Center (MHFC)
   Health and Human Development 
   Recreational Sports and Fitness 
   Shroyer West Gym 
   UIT Student Lab lobby
123 Chris Hayden 994-7117
Marsh Lab Compound - Johnson Family Livestock Facility (JFLF)
   Microbiology and Immunology 
414 Nathan Schaff 994-4632
Marsh Lab Compound - Jutila Research Laboratory (JRL)
   Microbiology and Immunology 
435 Mark DeWald 994-6757
Marsh Lab Compound - Marsh Lab (North End) (MARSH)
   Veterinary Diagonstic Lab
116 Heather Unverzagt 994-7372
Marsh Lab Compound - Marsh Lab (South End) (MARSH)
   Animal Range Sciences 
   Insect Museum 
   Land Resources & Envionmrntal Sciences 
   Microbiology and Immunology
116 Heather Unverzagt 994-7372
Marsh Lab Compound - Marsh Lab Modular #1 (South Unit) (MARSH1)
   Montana Seed Growers
150 Heather Unverzagt 994-7372
Marsh Lab Compound - Marsh Lab Modular #2 (North Unit) (MARSH2)
   Microbiology and Immunology
151 Heather Unverzagt 994-7372
Marsh Lab Compound - Veterinary Clinic Building (VETCLN)
   Microbiology and Immunology
426 Kerri Jones 581-1785
McCall Hall (MCCALL)
   Montana Department of Agriculture MAES Analytical Lab 
   KUSM TV-MontanaPBS

Jona Verreth


Robin Johnson


Kelsey Powers





McIntosh Court Townhouses (9) (MCINTX)
   Family Housing
5501XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Melvin Graduate Art Studios (MGARTS)
   School of Art

Krista Metzger

Josh DeWeese



Miller Dining Hall (MILLER)
   Auxiliary Services 
   Residence Life and University Food Service 
   Family Housing
341 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Bob Miller Pavilion (MILPAV)
   Animal and Range Sciences 
   Equestrian Pavilion
432 Alison Reck 994-6878
Molecular Beam Facility (MBF) and Molecular Beam Modular (MBM)
   Chemistry and Biochemistry
448; 471 Tim Minton 994-5394
Molecular Biosciences Building (MBB)
   Blackstone Launch Pad 
   Cell Biology & Neuroscience 
   Food and Health Lab-Health & Human Development 
   Land Resources $amp Environmental Services 
   Microbiology and Immunology 
   WIMU Vet Medicine
904 EJ Hook 994-7840

Montana Hall (MTHALL)
   Academic Affairs & Provost-EVP 
   Administration and Finance-VP 
   Enterprise Portfolio Management Office 
   Faculty Excellence Center 
   Faculty Senate 
   The Graduate School 
   Health Sciences Division 
   Human Resources 
   Legal Counsel 
   Office of Institutional Equity                                                               Planning and Analysis Office 
   President's Office 
   Procurement Services 
   Property Management 
   Registrar's Office 
   Research & Economic Development-VP 
   Research Compliance Office 
   Shared Services 
   Staff Senate 
   Sponsored Programs Office 
   Student Accounts 
   Technology Transfer Office 
   University Budget Office 
   University Business Services 
   University Information Techology UIT 


Beverly Garrison

Heidi Gagnon





MSU Alumni Foundation Center (MSUAF)-1501 So. 11th Avenue; MSU Alumni Fndn Lincoln Bldg (MSUAFL)
   Alumni Association 
   MSU Alumni Foundation 
   Finance Group, Innovation Campus, Relations Group at 1822 Lincoln Building
900; 935  Glen Steinhoff 994-4104
Museum of the Rockies (MOR); Museum Collections & Stor Fac (MCSF); MOR Tinsley Homestead buildings (7) MORXXX
   Museum of the Rockies 
   MOR Tinsley Homestead buildings (7)
121; 148; 138XXX Stephen Keim



Nelson Story Tower Apartments (ST) (NSTORY)
   Family Housing
521 Jeff Bondy 994-2661

Rendezvous Dining Pavilion (RDP)

Dining Hall   

357 Mindy Jacobs 994-7592
Nopper Building Unit 2 (910 Technology Blvd South (NOPP2)
   Omega Biologicals 
   MSU MilTech 
902 Paul Lambeth 994-9546

Nopper Building Unit 3 (920 Technology Blvd South (NOPP3)
   Fiscal Shared Services
   Human Resources
   Sustainable BioProducts
   University Business Services (UBS)
   University Communications


Susan Fraser


Norm Asbjornson Hall (NAH)
   Dean's offices, Engineering, Dean's offices Honors College

Brett Gunnink

North Hedges Hall (NHEDGE)
   Auxiliary Services 
   Residence Life 
343 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Oscar Thomas Nutrition Center (OTNC)
   Agricultural Experiment Station 
   Animal and Range Sciences
434 Kellen Marlow 994-2052
Outdoor Recreation Building (OUTREC)
   Recreational Sports and Fitness
540 Daniel Sandberg 207-240-5544
Paisley Court Flats (9) (PAISLYX)
   Family Housing
5311XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Parking Structure (PARKIN)
   Parking Facility 
   University Police
184 Randy Crandall 994-1202
Peter Koch Tower Apartments (PKOCH)
   Family Housing
520 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Plant Bioscience Building (PBB)
   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
400 Mike Giroux 994-7877
Plant Growth Center (PGC)
   Land Resources and Environmental Sciences 
   Plant Growth Center Manager 
   Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology 
   Potato Lab (Seed Potato Certification)
401 David Baumbauer 994-2231
Plew Building (PLEW)
   Planning, Design & Construction 
   Facilities Services 
   Safety & Risk Management E-Scrap Program
   Space Management
   University Facilities Management AVP    
316 EJ Hook 994-7840
Post Farm, Arthur H. (POSTFM) (Huffine Lane)
   Agricultural Experiment Station Bozeman Area Operations 
   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
703+ Dave Gettel 994-6819
Records Management Facility (RMF)
   University Records
225 EJ Hook 994-7840
Red Bluff Research Ranch (REDBLF) (Norris)
   Agriculture Experiment Station Bozeman Area Operations
2419+ Kellen Marlow 994-2052
Reid Hall (REID)
   College of Education, Health & Human Development-Dean 
   Department of Education 
   Intercollege Programs for Science Education (MSSE) 
   McNair Scholars Program 
   Nursing College 
   Science Math Resource Center 
   TRiO/Student Support Services 
   Troops to Teachers 
   UIT Student Computer Labs 
   Wellness@Bozeman MUS




Sky Wernik



Renne Library (RN)
   MSU Library 
   Telephone Services 
   Testing Services 
   University Information Technology (UIT) & Student Labs 


Christina Trunnell

Robin Francis




Roberts Hall (ROBERT)
   American Indian Research Opportunities-AIRO 
   Engineering College-Dean 
   Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
   UIT Student Labs (109-111)

Brett Gunnink 




Romney Hall (ROMNEY)
   Veteran's Services 
   Office of Disability Services
   Math Learning Center
   Writing Center

105 Todd Bucher 994-3661
Roskie Hall (ROSKIE)
   Residence Life
344 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Safety and Risk Management Building (SRM)
   Safety and Risk Management 
   Haz Mat Storage Tech Park
901 Ryan Brickman 994-2711
SOB Barn (SOB)
   Auxiliary Services
608 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
S 15th St Houses (10) (S15XXX)
   Family Housing
5661XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
South 5th Storage Units (S5SXXX)
   Multi-Department Storage
635   994-2001
South Hedges Hall (SHEDGE)
   Residence Life
340 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Stadium Drive Condos, LLC (SDC) 2066 Stadium Drive Ste 203
   Early Childhood Project
945 Brandi Johnson 404-1626
Strand Union Building (SUB)
   Admissions Office-New Student Services 
   Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success 
   ASK US Information 
   Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) 
   Auxiliary Services 
   Blackstone Launch Pad 
   Career, Internship & Student Employment Services 
   Cat Card Office 
   Conference Services 
   Copy Cats 
   Dean of Students 
   Diversity Awareness Office 
   Disability, Re-Entry and Veteran Services 
   Exponent (ASMSU) 
   Financial Aid Services 
   Financial Education Office 
   KGLT FM Radio (ASMSU) 
   MSU Leadership Institute 
   Recreation Game Room 
   Strand Union Administration 
   Student Engagement Office 
   Student Success Division-VP 
   Sustainability Office 
   UIT Student Computers (throughout bldg) 
   University Food Service 
   Veterans Support Center 
   Voice Center 
   Women's Center
304 Butch Damberger 994-5816
Swingle Health Center (HC)
   Counseling and Psychological Services 
   MSU Dental Clinic 
   Student Health Services
346 Amber Long 994-5893
Taylor Hall (TAYLOR)
   MSU Extension Service 
   Montana 4-H
108 Dr. Teri Antilley 994-3502
Tennis Support Facility (TENSUP)
   Bobcat Athletics
Tietz Hall (TIETZ)
   Animal Resources Center 
   Microbiology & Immunology
133 Kerri Jones


Tiny Shelter (TINYSH)
   Family Housing
568 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Traphagen Hall (TRAPHA)
   Earth Sciences 
   Undergraduate Scholars Program
102 David Varricchio 994-6907
Visual Communications (VCB)
   Film and Photography School 
   KUSM TV-MontanaPBS

Tony Purpura

Wally Byam Arboretum Interpretive Center (WBAIC)
   Facilities Services
469 EJ Hook 994-7840
Weatherization (Chris Burgard Properties)
   MSU Extension Service-Weatherization Center
969 Lisa Daly 586-0070
West Julia Martin Apartments (8) (WJMXXX)
   Family Housing
5251XX Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Wilson Hall (WILSON)
   American Indian Council of MSU 
   College of Letters and Science-Dean 
   History and Philosophy 
   Liberal Studies 
   Mathematical Sciences 
   MSU Writing Center 
   Native American Studies 
   Political Science 
   Sociology and Anthropology 
   Western Lands & Peoples Initiative
129 Michelle Miley 994-6770
Wool Laboratory (WOOL)
   Animal and Range Sciences
405 Brent Roeder 994-3758
Yellowstone Hall (YELLOW)
   Residence Life
356 Jeff Bondy 994-2661
Building Count:  151


Please notify via email to (Facilities) or by phone at 994-2001 of any changes to Building Supervisors.