DocuSign logo .DocuSign is an electronic signature (e-signature) platform for sending, signing, and managing documents securely in the cloud.   


Available to MSU:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

 at no additional cost under campus DocuSign license.

Access requirements:

  • MSU NetID and NetID password
  • or email address 

See "Log in" below for detailed instructions.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your or email address > click Continue.
    Screen shot of the DocuSign Sign in field where you enter your or address
  3. Click the blue Use Company Login button.
    Screenshot of field where MSU NetID is entered and the Blue Use Company Login button
  4. Enter your NetID and Password in the MSU web service login fields.

gold triangle pointing to the right.You will be redirected back to your new account on  DocuSign. 

To get started, use the help links shown in image and  be sure to check out the Training Resource section below to get started.

Screenshot of the DocuSign homepage after logging into your MSU Docusign account.

For assistance or to arrange a training or consultation:

Please contact:

David Schmitz
(406) 994-2234 | [email protected]


Please contact the UIT Service Desk at [email protected] or (406)-994-1777 to have shared envelopes enabled for your account.  

The shared envelopes feature allows you to view and manage tasks of an envelope that has been shared with you. 

See the DocuSign Shared Envelopes guide for more details about the feature and how to use it.

Training & Learning Resources

Visit DocuSign University to sign up for webinars or to take self-paced classes. All trainings are free.

For help with  DocuSign for Microsoft apps
(add-ins that integrate DocuSign directly into Word, Outlook, etc.)

Note: When signing into DocuSign directly from Word or Outlook, follow the To sign in  instructions above.

Use the links below to access recordings of past DocuSign trainings at held at MSU.

a) DocuSign 101 - DocuSign Basics

b) DocuSign Template and Powerform creation - Part 1

c) DocuSign Template and Powerform creation - Part 2