Appworx is a web-based program that schedules and automates processes and reports (ex: Banner, plsql, sql, perl, etc), eliminating bottlenecks by submitting jobs based on defined flows and parameters. AppWorx offers features such as data checks on job results, user-defined calculations on output, and choices of programs for viewing output.


To get access to Appworx, you need to submit an Appworx Account Request -->

Appworx Account Request Form

Read the Help Manual

This guide is available through your Appworx Client’s Help menu. Just click “Help”, then “Applications Manager Online Manuals.” Check out the Documentation below for a bit more information.


To report an emergency in production, email [email protected]

Installation problems

For installation problems, be sure to include your version of Windows and your Internet Explorer version number in your email message. Contact [email protected]


If your supervisor requested an AppWorx account for you, and you haven’t received your password yet, or if you have forgotten your password, send an email to [email protected]

Job requests fail

New users: If your Operations menu includes a “Requests” option, but you’re unable to request jobs successfully, your account may need some tweaking. Email [email protected] a description of the problem, including any error messages.

Other problem reports

Whenever you report an AppWorx problem, tell us what you were trying to do, and include the error number and description, if available. Otherwise, describe the problem as best you can. We’ll reply as soon possible. For non-critical operational problems, please consult the online User Help Guide (see section below) before contacting us. It’s an excellent resource, and may help solve your problem. If not, send us an email.

Email: [email protected]


Email Bozeman Helpdesk or call 406-994-1777

Email Billings Helpdesk or call 406-247-5700

Email Northern Helpdesk or call 406-265-3765

Email Great Falls Helpdesk or call 406-771-4433

Training & Documentation

Appworx v9 Instructions: Installation & Job Flow

Appworx v9 Installation Instructions (ODA-PROD)

Appworx v9 Request Instructions

Appworx v9 Job Process Flow Instructions

Appworx Instructions: Secure File Transfer

Appworx File Transfer (SSH)

Appworx File Transfer (WINSCP)

Appworx Instructions: Reference

AR Procedures for Appworx

Online Help Manual

This guide is available through your Appworx Client’s Help menu. Just click “Help”, then “Applications Manager Online Manuals”, and this website will open:
Appworx Help Manual img

In the left pane click the bullet in front of User Guide (the uppermost selection) to expand it and see the chapter topics, which can be further expanded. Or you can use the Index or Search tabs to find topics you need help with.

Additional Resources

Appworx Environment (PROD, TEST and TSTA)

Full Installation steps can be found at Appworx v9 Installation Instructions (ODA-PROD).