Use the instructions below to help locate the Computer/Host Name,  MAC/Physical Address  and IP Address on your Windows desktop or laptop.

Begin by doing the following:

  1. Open the Command Prompt.

    Windows 10: Type cmd in the Search field, click Command Prompt (desktop app) in results.

    The Command Prompt window opens (see image below for all steps below):
  2. Type  ipconfig/all  after the prompt and press Enter (see red underline).
    Screenshot of the Command Prompt and the results of command ipconfig/all

    Computer or Host Name:
  3. Locate Host Name (see the top red box in image).
    Host Name is the same as and also can be referred to as Computer Name.  

    Physical Address or MAC Address:
  4. Locate Physical Address,  (see middle red box in image above). 
    Physical address is the same as and also can be referred to as MACAddress.

    IP Address
  5. Find  and copy the IPv4  Address(see lowest red box in image above)  this is your IP Address.