The table below list the features provided in the different operating system versions of Read&Write.  

R&W Features  

Blue background indicates features available for free.


Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Mac

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Microsoft Edge

Read&Write for iPad

Read&Write for Android

Text to Speech

Read the Web/Hover Speech


PDF Reader




Picture Dictionary


Screenshot Reader


Highlights (Study Skills)


Vocabulary List




Check It


Spell Check


Screen Reading


Speak As I Type


Translator (Single word)


Translator (Paragraph)


Talk&Type (Speech Input)



Screen Masking


Voice Note



Audio Maker (Speech Maker)


Practice Reading Aloud






Annotations (Pushpin)



Annotations (Typewriter)



Block Read Aloud



Web Search (Fact Finder)



Research Folder (Fact Folder)



Fact Mapper


Similar Word Checker (Sounds Like and Confusable Words)



Pronunciation Tutor





Verb Checker



Word Cloud


Word Wizard


Daisy Reader



Localized French language support



Localized Portuguese language support



Localized Spanish language support



Localized Dutch language support



  features on apps as of November 2018

 *PDF Reader free features include text to speech, translator, commenting, Save to Drive, and Classroom integration. All other features within PDF Reader are premium.