Discover, Identify, & Secure

In support of MSU's Enterprise Data Stewardship Policy, the goal of data loss prevention (DLP) is to give users the knowledge and tools they need to manage Personally Identifiable Information (PII) appropriately, in order to minimize data loss, should a breach occur.     

DLP begins with discovering information and the places it lives.  When the data is located, identify it, and determine if it is sensitive.  Once done, decisions can be made about where the appropriate storage location is, and how the information should be handled to keep it secure.  The questions below can guide this process.

What type of data is this?

Where does the data live?

  • My computer?
  • Box or OneDrive?
  • Opal?
  • External/Thumb Drive?

How is the data transmitted?

  • Email?
  • Phone?
  • Network?

Data Stewardship

The Enterprise Data Stewardship Policy establishes that University information associated with research and administration is an asset critical to the University's success and must be protected and used in such a way to maintain a balance between availability, integrity and confidentiality. 

The Data Stewardship Standards  are guidelines for the management and protection of institutional data as outlined in the Data Stewardship Policy.


Data Loss Prevention Tools

UIT provides tools to assist MSU faculty and staff with the discovery and protection of sensitive information both on the network and at user endpoints (i.e. desktop or laptop computers). 


Spirion (formerly IdentityFinder) is software that scans a computer for sensitive data.  Its purpose is to help faculty and staff find PII that they may not even be aware exists or may have forgotten about, so that it can be secured, either by moving it to an appropriate storage location  or deleting it.

Learn more about Spirion.