Trellix, formerly known as McAfee is available to all student workers, faculty, and staff for use on MSU-owned computers.  

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Trellix for MSU-owned computers

  • Trellix Antivirus software is required on all MSU-owned desktop and laptop computers.
  • Computers purchased through UIT have Trellix installed on them automatically.

Request Trellix for an MSU-owned computer by contacting the UIT Service Desk at 406 994-1777 or [email protected].

Antivirus for Personally Owned Computers

UIT no longer offers Antivirus for Personally Owned Computers. 

For Windows users, a consideration may be Windows Defender.

For Mac users, a consideration may be Avast Security.

Your particular need may vary, so please ensure you have researched this thoroughly before installing any Antivirus.

Information on these services can be found below.

Please note you should contact the vendors customer support team for help with installation or technical support for these services. 

If further assistance is required, please contact the UIT Service Desk.