TR Room:

  • 4’ X 8’ wooden backer board for mounting of CatCard power supply, minimum one V1000, minimum one V100, one data jack and one electrified hardware power supply.
  • One 120V/15A duplex for CatCard power supply.
  • One 120V/15A duplex for electrified hardware power supply.
  • Communications cable pathway for CAT6 from TR location to each card reader box. 1” conduit or cable tray to be confirmed with UIT.
  • Communication cable pathway for electrified hardware, from hardware power supply to electrified hardware location. ¾” conduit or cable tray to be confirmed with Lockshop.



  • Electrified Door Hardware-
  • Electrically Unlocked Lever set
  • Motorized Latch Retract Exit Device
  • Electric Strike
  • Power Supply For Electrified Hardware-
  • Power supply to be matched and adequate for the electrified hardware selected. Confirm with locksmith before purchase and installation.
  • Multiple doors may be controlled by one power supply, as long as an 80/20 max amperage draw is maintained.
  • Minimum 2 output relay board.
  • Battery backup to be supplied.
  • Power Transfer at Door-
  • EPT-10 for aluminum storefront and hollow metal door applications.
  • 4 wire electric hinge for wood door applications. Confirm with Locksmith.
  • Single gang box for reader, flush mounted with wall, located on latch side of door and as close as possible maintaining ADA requirements.


  • CAT 6 from TR room to wall mounted reader. (250’ max) Cable tray or conduit necessary, preferred conduit size to be determined by UIT. NO FLEX TUBE (smurf)
  • 18/2 shielded control wire from electrified hardware power supply to designated electrified hardware. Conduit or cable tray necessary, NO FLEX TUBE (smurf).
  • CAT 6 jack on TR backer board.