The reference and specifications for this section is the TIA-607-D series of standards documents. A copy of these standards documents can be viewed on request to an UIT Communication Wiring representative. All Telecom Rooms shall be outfitted with a Telecommunications Grounding Busbar (TGB), bonded to both building steel and the Electrical Entrance Facility ground. Telecommunications Bonding Backbone conductors shall be sized according to the TIA-607-D specifications.


All racks and cable tray in each Telecom Room shall be grounded to the TCB with #6 AWG stranded conductors. All Building Entrance Protector housings shall be grounded to the TCB (or to a Main Telecommunications Grounding Busbar) with a minimum #6 AWG stranded conductor.


All shielded cables shall be bonded together (in a splice arrangement), bonded to the Building Entrance Protector housing, or bonded to the TGB, as the site situation dictates.