Termination floor-standing racks, wall racks and cabinets shall be industry standard 19" equipment (relay) racks. The preferred equipment configuration is at least two Chatsworth floor racks (one for active electronics and one for cable terminations) with double sided Chatsworth vertical wire management units mounted between racks, with wire managers on both sides of all cable termination racks. Floor racks shall be bolted to the floor, to each other and braced to the ceiling or walls to meet seismic standards. Racks and cable trays shall be grounded as per TIA/EIA Standard 607-A Commercial Building Grounding & Bonding. Part numbers for Chatsworth racks are as follows:

Chatsworth Universal Rack


Chatsworth Wire Management Unit


Chatsworth Wall Mount Rack



If UIT has been determined to use a wall-mounted rack or cabinet, select the appropriate size and style of rack/cabinet to meet the needs of the cable terminations, electronics, and the available space. If the telecommunications room is not in a secure area, lockable cabinets shall be used. Conduits holding cables must meet and secure at the cabinet, and a dedicated electrical outlet will be mounted inside the cabinet so no access can be gained to the equipment or cabling except through the cabinet door. For small installations, use a wall mounted cabinet with 19” swing rack inside and deep enough for electronic equipment. When there is adequate space, use 1 or more floor standing lockable cabinets, if a dedicated telecommunications room is not possible.


Commscope patch panels shall be installed on the racks to terminate the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) horizontal wiring. Commscope Category 6 high density patch panels are unloaded kits, black in color as follows:


Commscope High Density 48 Port Patch Panel


Commscope High Density 24 Port Patch Panel


Commscope Cat 6 Modular SL Jack – black



Layout of jacks in the rack patch panel shall have station cables grouped by room number, terminated adjacent to each other, where possible.


Siemon Rear Wire Minders shall be installed on the back of the rack, and Commscope 2U Wire Managers shall be installed in the front to aide in dressing the cables. All patch panels shall have horizontal wire managers both above and below the patch panel. Part numbers for these products are as follows:

Siemon Rear Wire Minders


Commscope Wire Manager 2U