Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Category 6 cable shall be used for horizontal wiring of campus buildings. Cable shall be Commscope Category 6, four pair UTP. Plenum rated cable will be used throughout a building if cable routing is in return air spaces. The following are the part numbers for Category 6 cable:

Commscope Non-plenum Category 6 cable – gray


Commscope Plenum Category 6 cable – gray




A minimum of two UTP Category 6 cables shall be run to each station location. Each pair of station cables is considered a “jack” location. For station locations with more than two cables, additional cables shall be in pairs, with each pair being terminated and labeled as an individual “jack”, even if all are in one faceplate. Wall phone, wireless access point, and POE clock locations may have only 1 cable. At the wall phone and POE clock locations, a Commscope 1 port flush mount wall phone faceplate shall be used, 1479152-1.


Patch cables shall be of the same performance category, or higher, as the horizontal cables to which they connect, and manufactured by Commscope. Patch cables used are to be factory terminated cables. Patch cables should be 14 feet or shorter at the workstation outlet location (the preferred length is 10 feet). A 3' to 10’ patch cable shall be used in the telecommunications room from the Commscope patch panel to the network switches (the preferred length is one that is just the right length from the network switches to the patch panel port after dressing in wire managers). In no case shall the total distance from workstation outlet to the patch panel exceed 76 meters. Bootless patch cables are preferred. The part numbers are listed below:

Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 1 foot – black


Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 3 feet – black


Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 5 feet – black


Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 7 feet – black


Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 10 feet – black


Commscope Category 6 Patch Cord – 14 feet – black