As-built drawings shall be provided and at minimum shall show cable routes, telecommunication room and outlet locations. Drawings will be given to Facilities Services for entry onto their CADD system.


Each outlet and patch panel pair of ports shall be clearly labeled in both the telecommunications room and the workstation location with the workstation room number.  If there are multiple jacks in a room, the numbering shall include a hyphen suffix designation, such as 232-1, 232-2, and will begin at the closest jack to the left of the main doorway (standing in the doorway, looking in), and proceed clockwise around the room.  Single jacks in a room shall be labeled with just the room number and will not have a hyphen suffix designation (e.g., 233, 234).   If there are jacks located in the center of the room, after going around the exterior of the room, go up the middle from the main doorway. The label at the outlet will be placed on either the top of the faceplate (if difficult to see the front of the faceplate), or on the top label indentation on the front of the faceplate.  Four-plex or greater density jack plates will be labeled as two (or more) jacks rather than one, such as 101-1, 101-2.  Each jack consists of 2 cables.

Patch panel labelling for wireless access points shall be room number then the next designated hyphen suffix. Each Telecommunication Room shall have one patch panel for the jacks that have only 1 cable pulled to them (wireless access points, cameras, POE clocks, etc).