At each communication outlet location Commscope components shall be installed in a single electrical or surface box. All conduit and surface raceway boxes at each workstation outlet shall be “deep” models.  Wireless access point locations need a single electrical or surface box when they are mounted on a hard ceiling.  If they are mounted on cable tray or a drop ceiling the jack shall terminated in a biscuit jack.  If installation is in a single gang or surface-raceway box, a Commscope Single Gang Faceplate is needed.  Part numbers for the Commscope products are as follows:


Commscope Single Gang 2 port Faceplate


Commscope Single Gang 4 port Faceplate




Commscope keystone jack inserts shall be used in the workstation outlet. Commscope Category 6 modular inserts shall be used for all cables. If no jack insert is required, a Commscope SL Series blank insert shall be installed. Part numbers for the inserts are as follows:

Commscope Category 6 Modular Insert


Commscope SL Series Blank Insert