At each communication outlet location Commscope components shall be installed in a single electrical or surface box. All faceplates and keystones will match the electrical outlets unless UIT has stated otherwise. All conduit and surface raceway boxes at each workstation outlet shall be “deep” models. Wireless access point locations need a single electrical or surface box when they are mounted on a hard ceiling. If they are mounted on cable tray or a drop ceiling the jack shall terminated in a biscuit jack. If installation is in a single gang or surface-raceway box, a Commscope Single Gang Faceplate is needed. POE clock locations shall be flush mounted on the wall.  Faceplate Part numbers for the Commscope and Semtron products are as follows:


Commscope Single Gang 2 port Faceplate


Commscope Single Gang 4 port Faceplate


Commscope Surface Mount Box 2 Port



Commscope keystone jack inserts shall be used in the workstation outlet. Commscope Category 6A modular inserts shall be used for all workstation cables. POE will be terminated in Category 6A. If no jack insert is required, a Commscope SL Series blank insert shall be installed. Part numbers for the inserts are as follows:


Commscope Category 6A Modular Insert


Commscope SL Series Blank Insert