Agenda: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8:30 - 10:30 am
SUB 233
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Waded Cruzado Dennis Defa Bob Hietala Shelley McKamey Lynda Ransdell
Daniel Adams Glenn Duff Ron Larsen Helen Melland Michael Stevenson
Kenning Arlitsch Adam Edelman Bob Lashaway Robert Mokwa Leslie Taylor
Kregg Aytes Tracy Ellig Terry Leist Lindsay Murdock Shana Wold
Matt Caires Chris Fastnow Diane Letendre Donna Negaard Susan Wolff
Anne Camper Peter Fields Jim Limbaugh Kim Obbink  
Kari Cargill Rolf Groseth Robert Marley Martha Potvin  
Nancy Cornwell Brett Gunnink Jill Martz Nicol Rae  
  • Call to Order
    Provost Martha Potvin
  • Approval of minutes (PDF) for September 4, 2013
  • University Wide Information/Announcements
    • YEAR of Engaged Leadership Recognition
  • New Items
    • MSU Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Policy
      Leslie Taylor, Legal Counsel
      Brenda Mowers, Insurance & Workers Comp Manager, Safety & Risk Management
  • Old Items
    • Environmental Health & Safety Policy
      Mary Cloninger, Department Head, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Informational Items
    • Dining Hall Renovation & Housing Update
      Tom Stump, Director, Auxiliary Services
      Todd Jutila, Director University Food Services
      Andy Allen, Project Manager, Facilities
    • Charitable Giving Drive (October 28 - November 1, 2013)
      Chelsea Schmidt, Assistant Director, Business & Community Relations
    • Parent & Family Weekend Update
      Matt Caires, Dean of Students
      Terra Shewmaker, Asst. Dean of Students & Director of Parent Relations
  • YEAR of Engaged Leadership
    • Museum of the Rockies' Sister Museums
      Shelley McKamey, Executive Director, Museum of the Rockies
      Pat Leiggi, Director of Exhibits, Museum of the Rockies
      Nathan Carroll, Curator Paleontology, Carter County Museum
  • Updates
  • Public Comment

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