Waded Cruzado, Kenning Arlitsch, Sreekala Bajwa, Camie Bechtold, Norris Blossom, Janelle Booth, Matt Caires, Jason Carter, Julie Clay, Leon Costello, Chris Dobbs, Ariel Donohue, Tracy Ellig, Stephanie Erdmann, Chris Fastnow, Stephanie Gray, Jeannette Grey-Gilbert, Stefani Hicswa, John How, Brett Gunnink, Alison Harmon, Robert Hawks, Yves Idzerda, Chris Kearns, Greg Kegel, Ryan Knutsen, Chere LeClair, Ilse-Mari Lee, Dan Miller, Terry Leist, Bob Mokwa, Chris Murray, Kim Obbink, Craig Ogilvie, Kellie Peterson, Sarah Shannon, Royce Smith, Cody Stone, Amber Vestal, Bradford Watson, Kristof Zaba


  1. Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado

  2. Approval of Minutes for March 2, 2022
    Printable Minutes

  3. University Wide Information /Announcements

  4.  Public Comment

  5. Old Items

               A.  Use of University Name and Logos by Registered Student Organizations Policy Revision
                     Camie Bechtold, Chief Compliance Officer

              B. Media Policy Revision
                    Camie Bechtold, Chief Compliance Officer; Mike Becker, News Director, University Communications

VI. New Items

A. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Policy Revision
    Camie Bechtold, Chief Compliance Officer

Personal Care Attendant Policy
    Jennifer Glad, Associate Legal Counsel

VII. Informational Item

          A.  Choosing Promise: Goal 2.3, Strengthen Institutional Reputation in Scholarship
               Chris Fastnow, Office of Planning and Analysis


 VIII.  Public Comment


VIIII. Updates


NOTE: The next University Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2022, from 8:30 AM-10:00 AM.