Subject: Personnel

Policy: Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver

Effective Date: TBD

Review Date: TBD

Responsible Party: Human Resources/Finanical Aid

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Under the terms of Policy 940.13, permanent employees who are employed at least 3/4 time for the entire period of enrollment are eligible for a waiver of resident tuition. For purposes of this policy, the following categories of employees are eligible for the tuition waiver: classified employees who have completed the probationary period, tenure and tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty and contract professional employees during their contract term. Probationary employees, student, temporary, seasonal or fixed term employees are not eligible to receive a Faculty and Staff Tuition waiver. Permanent employees employed at least 3/4 time for the entire academic year who will be reemployed for the following academic year are eligible for a tuition waiver during the intervening summer term.
With the permission of the Supervisor and the Director/Dean, staff may take courses for undergraduate or graduate credit and recieve a tuition waiver for up to six (6) credits of resident tuition only. If an employee takes a course that is offered only during regular schedule work hours, the employee must take annual leave or approved leave without pay for all hours absent from the regular work schedule or make up the time absent from work.
Faculty members (0.75 FTE or more) are eligible for the tuition waiver and may register for a total of not more than six credits per semester with the approval of the head of the department and the dean of the college in which the member is employed. 
Employees who use this waiver are not eligible for a Dependent Waiver during the same academic term. This waiver does not apply to self-supporting courses offered by Extended University.
Note: Section 1232.00 of the MSU Faculty Handbook is superseded by this policy.