Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

233 SUB

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Waded Cruzado Kari Cargill Chris Fastnow Maggie Hammett Ilse-Mari Lee Mark Nook Jerry Sheehan
Daniel Adams Nancy Cornwell Peter Fields Robert Hawks Terry Leist Renee Reijo Pera Leslie Taylor
Kenning Arlitsch David Court Destini French Bob Hietala Shelly McKamey Martha Portvin Susan Wolff
Kregg Aytes Dennis Defa Liz Greenfield Karlene Hoo Helen Melland Nicole Rae  
Jeff Bader Glenn Duff Kate Grimes Chris Kearns Chris Murray Lynda Ransdell  
Matt Caires Tracy Ellig Brett Gunnink Bob Lashaway Kim Obbink Michael Reidy  
  • Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado
    • President Waded Cruzado called the meeting to order.
  • Approval of Minutes for August 6th, 2014
    • Minutes were approved unanimously.
  • University Wide Information/ Announcements
    • President Cruzado introduced MSU's new Director for the Office of Institutional Equity, Kate Grimes.
  • New Items
    • There were no new items up for discussion.
  • Old Items
    • There were no old items up for discussion.
  • Informational Items
    • New Freshman Housing Complex
      Tom Stump, Director, Auxiliary Services
      Tammie Brown, Chief Housing Officer
      Andy Allen, Facilities Project Manager
      • Tom Stump and Tammie Brown presented a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the design and features of the new Freshman Housing Complex. The official groundbreaking will take place on Thursday, September 11th at 4:00 PM.
    • ADA, Online Learning and Technology
      Brenda York, Director, Disability, Re-entry & Veteran Services
      • Brenda York presented on Electronic Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) at MSU. Stemming from an Office of Civil Rights Complaint at University of Montana, MSU is evaluating the technology based tools and methods currently used on campus. These include: Classrooms, Smart Podiums, Document Cameras, Webcams, Projection, I-clickers, Smart Pens, Web Conference and various Software programs. Brenda offered a series of new recommendations. She recieved some comments from Kim Obbink, Nancy Cornwell, Jerry Sheehan and Kregg Aytes.
  • Updates
    • Each member of the University Council provided a brief update about his or her department.
  • Public Comment
    • No public comment was offered.