Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

SUB 233

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Waded Cruzado Daniel Adams Kenning Arlitsch Kregg Aytes Michael Babcock Charles Boyer
Matt Caires Kylar Clifton Leon Costello Tracy Ellig Chris Fastnow Brett Gunnink
Alison Harmon Cathy Hasenpflug Maggie Hayes Robert Hawks Bob Hietala Karlene Hoo
James Joyce Chris Kearns Greg Kegel Ron Larsen Ilse-Mari Lee Terry Leist
Shelley McKamey Bob Mokwa Chris Murray Kim Obbink Ramie Pederson Kellie Peterson
Renee Reijo Pera Nicol Rae Jyl Shaffer Sarah Shannon Jerry Sheehan Royce Smith
Dan Stevenson Cody Stone James Tobin Susan Wolff    
  • Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado
    • President Waded Cruzado called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM. She wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day with their family and loved ones.
  • Approval of Minutes for January 10th, 2018
    • The minutes have circulated. Royce Smith moved to approve; Kylar Clifton seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.
  • University Wide Information/ Announcements
    • This is a big week at Montana State University. This weekend is the Bobcat Birthday Bash on Friday, February 16th and Saturday, February 17th, which celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the University. President Cruzado congratulated the College of Engineering on their month and the naming of their college. The Bash will kick-off with a prayer ceremony at Noon, followed by the unveiling of the Lincoln statue at 2:00 PM. The Awards of Excellence will be taking place at 5:00 PM, followed by the Opening Ceremonies at 7:00 PM. The Bash then starts on Saturday at 10:00 AM and will feature faculty lectures in the SUB, as well as activities on the Mall until 6:00 PM.
    • The City Commission of Bozeman approved a Proclamation on Monday, February 12th in honor of Montana State University. Tracy Ellif read the Proclamation. President Cruzado thanked the City for their support. President Cruzado shared a document from Curitiba that honors MSU for all of their work.
  • New Items
    • University Retroactive Withdrawal Policy
      Erin Macdonald Peck, Assistant Dean
      • Erin Macdonald Peck presented the amended Retroactive Withdrawal Policy. There were no questions from the group.
    • Academic Misconduct and Student Academic Grievance Procedures
      Erin Macdonald Peck, Assistant Dean
      • Erin Macdonald Peck presented and gave background on Academic Misconduct policy. Ilse-Mari Lee asked if the Provost should be involved in the 500-level classes. Erin presented a flow chart title "The Faculty Guide for Academic Misconduct" that explains the flow of the process. Kylar Clifton stated that he thinks this is a great policy change; eliminates stress for students and is a student-centered policy. He thanks the Dean's office for these changes. President Cruzado indicated that this is the first reading. It will be posted for 30 days.
    • Commemorative Tributes Policy
      Kellie Peterson, Legal Counsel
      • Kellie presented the changes that have been recommended by the students to this policy. She indicated changes to section 320, as well as 500 - among a few others. Kylar Clifton thanked the Foundation on their work and willingness to change this policy.
  • Informational Items
    • Knowing Your MSU: Snow and Avalanche Lab
      Jordy Hendrikx, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Snow and Avalanche Laboratory
      • Jordy Hendrikx presented an informative presentation regarding MSU's snow science program. Chris Fastnow commended Jordy on how integration (a part of our Strategic Plan) is utilized within this program. President Cruzado commended Jordy for his incredible work.
    • Blue Light Campus Safety App
      Frank Parrish, Chief of MSU Police
      Kylar Clifton, ASMSU President
      • Chief Parrish started off by thanking Kylar for his collaboration with MSU Police on this project. There are currently 10 Blue Light phones on MSU's campus. Adding the "Mobile Phone App" would be powerful for campus. This app will replace the Blue Light phones on campus. Dean Sarah Shannon thanked them for their work. Susan Wolff asked about getting this on the other MSU campuses and it was shared that they can all have this app as well.
  • Public Comment
    • Taylor Blossom, 2nd year student in College of Engineering, is pleased to hear the changes to the Commemorative Tributes Policy; asking for exception to be made in a portion of the policy; Taylor does not believe that academic buildings should be named after donors. Taylor's frustration stems from gift agreements allowing naming possibilities.
    • An additional student made a comment in support of the Commemorative Tributes Policy, although they would like for MSU to not build their policy around the Board policy.
  • Updates
    • ASMSU is hosting a Diversity Symposium on March 29th, 2018.
    • Faculty Innovation Symposium Roadshow is on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 in Ballroom A, SUB.
    • Brett Gunnink talked about how the College of Engineering is celebrating their month for the 125th Anniversary, including February 23rd for the Women in Engineering Dinner.
    • Leon Costello thanked University Council and all of their departments who helped with their help for the Women's Basketball game in which students came to campus.
    • Chris Fastnow talked about that strategic planning is underway! She invites participation in the process.
    • Dan Stevenson publicly thanked EJ Hook for his incredible work on the Bobcat Birthday Bash. President Cruzado echoed his sentiments.
    • Matt Caires has offered free skates at the Ice Rink this week.
    • Royce Smith offered thanks for working at a University that supports students and faculty on such incredible levels. He thanked President Cruzado for her travels to Brazil to see the projects of the College of Arts & Architecture.
    • Susan Wolff thanked President Cruzado for her column in the Bozeman Chronicle on Sunday, February 11th.
    • Ron Larsen talked about MSU Billings. Enrollment is up. Chancellor Search is underway.
    • Greg Kegel talked about the First American Indian Advisory Council meeting that took place on their campus.
    • Alison Harmon commended Susan Wolff for her receipt of the Athena Award in Great Falls, MT.

Note: The next University Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th, 2018.