Wednesday, May 11, 2022

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
SUB Room 235
Printable Minutes


Waded Cruzado, Kenning Arlitsch, Sreekala Bajwa, Camie Bechtold, Norris Blossom, Janelle Booth, Matt Caires, Jason Carter, Julie Clay, Leon Costello, Chris Dobbs, Ariel Donohue, Tracy Ellig, Stephanie Erdmann, Chris Fastnow, Stephanie Gray, Jeannette Grey-Gilbert, Stefani Hicswa, John How, Brett Gunnink, Alison Harmon, Robert Hawks, Yves Idzerda, Chris Kearns, Greg Kegel, Ryan Knutson, Chere LeClair, Ilse-Mari Lee, Dan Miller, Terry Leist, Bob Mokwa, Chris Murray, Kim Obbink, Craig Ogilvie, Kellie Peterson, Sarah Shannon, Royce Smith, Cody Stone, Amber Vestal, Bradford Watson, Kristof Zaba

  1. Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado

    Meeting called to order at 8:30am. 
  2. Approval of Minutes from April 6, 2022

    Moved to approve by Dean Royce Smith and seconded by Dean Yves Idzerda; the minutes were approved unanimously.

  3. University Wide Information/Announcements
    A. Year in Review

         President Waded Cruzado

President Cruzado welcomed new ASMSU President Lucas Oelkers and congratulated Dana Longcope and Joan Broderick on their induction into the Academy of Sciences. 

President Cruzado shared accomplishments, updates and new leaders who have joined Montana State in the past year. 

  1. Public Comment

    There was no public comment offered.

  2. Old Items

    A. Use of University Name and Logos by Registered Student Organizations Policy Revision
    Camie Bechtold, Chief Compliance Officer 

Camie shared great collaboration with students and how they may use the name, logos and trademarks. Academic clubs and student club sports teams have a path forward as well. The policy was approved unanimously. 

B. Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) Policy Revision
Camie Bechold, Chief Compliance Officer

They updated the name title to "uncrewed" from "unmanned". There is a policy procedural handbook to assist with this policy and follow the policy appropriately. The policy was approved unanimously. 

C. Personal Care Attendant Policy
Jennifer Glad, Associate Legal Counsel

          The proposed personal care attendant policy will govern the use and approval of personal care attendants                 for qualified students with disabilities in campus spaces that are limited to students or members of the                       university community, such as residence halls, classrooms and recreational facilities. The policy won’t apply                to areas of campus open to the general public. This policy was approved unanimously.

  1. Informational Items

    A. Choosing Promise: Annual Summary Report
    Chris Fastnow, Director, Office of Planning and Analysis 

            Chris shared the Strategic Plan goal progress summary where we have made great strides and showed                       opportunities where we may improve. Thank you. 

  1. Public Comment

    There was no public comment offered.
  2. Updates

    Dean Ilse Mari Lee from the Honors College will take a year leave of absence and Jason Carter, Vice President of Research and Economic Development is moving to Baylor University is Texas and will depart in August.


    Chancellor Hicswa shared MSU Billings had 800 students graduate this past Saturday at their commencement.  Regent Amy Sexton was their commencement speaker. Their Wine & Food festival fundraiser is this weekend.


    Chancellor Kegel shared they had their commencement. The Harmon family donated 43 acres in close proximity to campus which will help Northern’s equine program.

    MSU Northern is hosting the May Board of Regents meeting.


    Great Falls College MSU had 250 students graduate last Saturday and had an Eagle feather ceremony which was wonderful.  They had a lively spring and much success.  Dr. Leanne Frost was recognized as a Pure Gold recipient here in Bozeman.


    Athletics – two NFL players were selected in the NFL draft: Troy Anderson and Daniel Hardy.


    Tremendous updates around-the-room from University Council members.

NOTE:  The next University Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, 2022, from 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM.