Wednesday, March 1, 2023

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
SUB Room 235
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Waded Cruzado, Sreekala Bajwa, Camie Bechtold, Janelle Booth, Matt Caires, Leon Costello, Chris Dobbs, Ariel Donohue, Tracy Ellig, Stephanie Erdmann, Chris Fastnow, Beverly Garrison, Stephanie Gray, Jeannette Grey Gilbert, Brett Gunnink, Alison Harmon, Robert Hawks, Jeff Heys, Stefani Hicswa, John How, Yves Idzerda, Chris Kearns, Greg Kegel, Ryan Knutson, Chere LeClair, Terry Leist, Dan Miller, Bob Mokwa, Chris Murray, Jennifer Thomson, Doralyn Rossmann, Tricia Seifert, Kim Obbink, Lucas Oelkers, Craig Ogilvie, Kellie Peterson, Sarah Shannon, Royce Smith, Cody Stone, Amber Vestal, Kristof Zaba


  1. Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado

    President Cruzado called meeting to order at 8:30am. 

  2. Approval of Minutes for February 1, 2023

    Terry Leist moved to approve minutes and Matt Caires seconded; the minutes were approved unanimously. 

  3. University Wide Information/Annoucements

    President Cruzado welcomed Mary Jane McGarity to the interim role as President and CEO of the MSU Alumni Foundation.  President Cruzado thanked Janelle Booth for her incredible work as the inaugural Government Affairs Director for Montana State.  She is departing at the end of the month to move home to South Dakota.

  4. Public Comment

    There were no public comment offered. 

  5. New Items

    1. Export Control Policy Revision
      Quinton King, Export Control Officer

      This policy strikes a balance between MSU’s mission and federal laws. The export control policy changes aim to more effectively communicate the compliance responsibilities for MSU personnel, part of a need for MSU to self-certify that it has implemented research security program practices as specified by National Security Presidential Memorandum 33. Proposed revisions add definitions and references and describe exclusions from export license requirements, activities requiring disclosure and review, and record retention requirements. 

    2. Restricted Research Policy Revision
      Kirk Lubick, Director, Office of Research Compliance

      The restricted research policy establishes procedures and approval requirements for MSU faculty, students and staff to conduct university sponsored restricted research. The proposed revisions clarify the procedure for graduate student participation and include an expanded definition of classified research.   

    3. Sunsetting of Air Conditioning Policy
      John How, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

      This policy was put in place in 2005 and with more advanced infrastructure in place, it no longer serves a purpose to be a policy on campus.

      Tracy Ellig motioned to wave the 30-day requirement for sunsetting and second reading and then moved to a vote.  Dean Sarah Shannon seconded. University Council members unanimously agreed.

      The air conditioning policy was sunsetted unanimously. 

  6. Informational Items
    1. Choosing Promise: Goal 1.2, Expand high quality graduate education
      Chris Fastnow, Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

      1. Montana State University will enhance its graduate education portfolio with appropriate balance across programs including the social sciences, humanities and arts by 2024.

      2. Montana State University will match up to 20 additional externally funded graduate research assistantships with institutionally supported and competitively awarded graduate research assistant appointments, aligned with Grand Challenge areas, annually by 2020.

      3. Montana State University will increase the number of research doctoral degrees (to 90 from 66), professional practice doctorates (to 30 from 25), and Master’s degrees (to 650 from 566) awarded annually by 2024.

      4. All graduate degree programs will undergo systematic review and, if appropriate, redesign to ensure that they are structured to meet the diverse career paths of today's students by 2022.
  7. Public Comment

    There was no public comment offered

  8. Updates

    Provost Mokwa shared the next Provost Distinguished Lecturer Michelle Flenniken is March 21 at the Hager Auditorium, Museum of the Rockies.
  1. Chancellor Kegel, MSU Northern, shared they are in the interview phase for a new provost.  He is speaking to the community tomorrow evening.

    Chancellor Hicswa, MSU Billings, shared a 19% Native American retention rate and 11% retention rate for Military students.  They have seen a 10% growth in dual enrollment, as well.  She is really pleased all around.

    Dean Stephanie Erdmann, Great Falls College MSU, shared the spring headcount with an 8.4% increase.  FTE has seen a 9.6% increase, as well. Regional Science Fair and A Night Out for Science coming up.

    Meeting adjourned at 10:00am.


NOTE:  The next University Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2023, from 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM in SUB, Room 235.