Wednesday, February 1, 2023

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
SUB Room 235
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Waded Cruzado, Sreekala Bajwa, Camie Bechtold, Janelle Booth, Matt Caires, Leon Costello, Chris Dobbs, Ariel Donohue, Tracy Ellig, Stephanie Erdmann, Chris Fastnow, Beverly Garrison, Stephanie Gray, Jeannette Grey Gilbert, Brett Gunnink, Alison Harmon, Robert Hawks, Jeff Heys, Stefani Hicswa, John How, Yves Idzerda, Chris Kearns, Greg Kegel, Ryan Knutson, Chere LeClair, Terry Leist, Dan Miller, Bob Mokwa, Chris Murray, Jennifer Thomson, Doralyn Rossmann, Tricia Seifert, Kim Obbink, Lucas Oelkers, Craig Ogilvie, Kellie Peterson, Sarah Shannon, Royce Smith, Cody Stone, Amber Vestal, Kristof Zaba


  1. Call to Order
    President Waded Cruzado

    President Cruzado called meeting to order at 8:30am. 
  2. Approval of Minutes for January 11, 2023

    Terry Leist moved to approve minutes; seconded by John How and minutes were approved unanimously. 

  3. University Wide Information/Annoucements

    Congratulations to bookstore on a wonderful employee appreciation event in December. The MSU Library's open house was incredible and a huge success. 

  4. Public Comment

    There were no public comment offered. 

  5. Informational Items
    1. Choosing Promise: GOAL 3.3: Foster a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement & individual growth
      Chris Fastno, Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

      Planning Council recommended this goal as a priority for FY24.  Montana State University and its students, faculty, and staff engage in a reciprocal relationship that values each member and improves the university environment.

      Metrics and Actions updates were shared:

      1. Montana State University will improve and increase collaborations between curricular and co-curricular units to support students success.

      2. Montana State Univesrity will increase the number of collaborative grant applications and awards with investigators across curricular, co-curricular, the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, Extension and other units. 

      3. Montana State University will increase the average faculty and staff compensation ot hte representative peer market average by 2024. 

      4. Montana State University will increase faculty and staff participation in health and wellness, personal, management and professional development opportunitites. 

      5. Montana State University will make and annually monitor progress on the 1017 MSU Diversity & Inclusion Framework themes (Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations, Education and Scholarship, Access and Success, Leadership and Accountability, Communication). 

      6. Montana State Univesrity will develop a comprehensive sustainability plan by 2020 with measurement and annual progress reports to campus. 

    2. Univesrity Council Policy Process Overview
      Camie Bechtold, Chief Compliance Officer

      Camie shared policy pointers to University Council members. Set expectations and guidelines for the MUS; mandate or constraint actions - ensure compliance with applicable laws; enhance MSU's mission and promote operations efficiencies.

      Camie also shared the process for review and deceloping policies; goal is to review and update policies every three years ideally; then policies are reviewed and adopted by University Council. 

    3. Bobcat Culture of Mentoring Symposium Overview 
      Stephanie Santorico, ACE Fellow

      Mentoring culture is not one program. Rather, it is a culture that is bolstered through different types of programs and events, such as: 1:1 mentoring; group mentoring; distance mentoring, resource mentoring, warehousing of materials and recognition of mentoring excellence. 

      The Bobcat Culture of Mentoring Symposium is March 28 from 1-4pm in the Ballrooms. There will be a panel, keynote, engaging discussion and setting a baseline and providing a directory or resources for mentoring, training and resources. This is for faculty, students, and staff. 

  6. Public Comment

    Lt. Col. Lance Ratterman was recognized today as a Pure Gold recipient and Dean Brett Gunnink shared his attendance at University Council today. 

  7. Updates

    Chancellor Kegel shared the provost search is underway. They are holding brown bag lunches weekly and have fundraising dinner coming up, as well. 

    Dean Erdmann shared the CDL program has 60 individuals participating. They are gaining momentum with a substance abuse program. They are working on brand identity with Lumina Foundation and currently voting on a mascot right now! 

    Chancellor Hicswa shared that policyand procedures was a priority at a recent NWCCU commission meeting. MSU Billings will host a jazz fest this weekend. This men's basketball team is ranked #1 in their conference and women's basketball #2 so far this season. 

    Around-the-table updates were shared amongst University Council members.

    University Council adjourned at 10:09am. 

NOTE:  The next University Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1 , 2023, from 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM in SUB, Room 235.