Presentations should always include an acknowledgements section to recognize funding and other substantive support for the project. In most cases a short paragraph or list of sources is sufficient. Logos representing teh authors institution and/or major funding sources can be included in the acknowledgements or in the title section as appropriate (optional). Here's some guidelines. 

  • Internal MSU funding (e.g. USP, INBRE, MSGC, Empower, etc,). Include the name of the program. You can include a logo if you wish. Be sure to follow the MSU Brand Guidelines.
  • Federal funding (e.g. NSF, NIH, NASA, etc). Include the name of the funding agency, program title, grant number, and list of (co)-principal investigators. You may want to include the logo of the agency in some cases. Be sure to learn and follow official guidelines provided by the funding agency. Links to NSF and NIH guidelines are provided below.
  • Private foundations. Include the name of the foundation and program. Grant numbers can be included if they are provided. Check with the organization about their policy for using logos. 
USP logo INBRE logo

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MSGC logo Empower logo