Student Internship Guidelines

Students are able to earn credit by completing an internship (or research projecct) that provides a significant learning opportunity. The internship is not required for the minor, but advisors may encourage students to complete one in order to gain professional experience in the field of water resources. The internship is to be completed during the 16-week semester. Summer internships may have different hour requirements that should be developed with the faculty advisor.

  • 1 credit = 4 hrs/week of internship week
  • 2 credits = 7 hrs/week of internship work
  • 3 credits = 10 hrs/week of internship work

Proposals for internships must be approved by a faculty advisor. Students must submit a proposal with the following information:

  1. Name of faculty advisor overseeing the internship credit(s)
  2. Name of agency/company that will provide the internship opportunity
  3. Name, email, and phone number of the project supervisor at the agency/company
  4. Describe what the internship will involve (e.g., What tasks will be completed? What skills will be developed?)
  5. How many hours per week will be dedicated to the internship? 
  6. How does the internship relate to your course of study?

As part of the internship proposal, students should also submit  letter of support from the project supervisor at the agency/company. This letter should indicate that the supervisor will provide a written report of the student's performance at the end of the internship (e.g., Was the student reliable? Did the student complete work in a timely fashion?)

At the end of the internship, students must submit a final paper (3 pages, double spaced) to their faculty advisor. This paper should document their internship experience, how it relates to the coursework they have taken, and how the experience could be applied in their future jobs.

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