Wilson Writing Center (This is the only location open during the summer)

Located in Wilson 1-114

Hours 9 AM - 3:00 PM Monday-Friday, Closed on the Weekend

  • Natural light
  • Workspace
  • Rolling whiteboard
  • Conference room
  • Great for independent work
  • Great for socializing
  • Lots of tutors and students
  • Refreshments

The Wilson Writing Center is a lively space with lots of natural lighting. The orange couches create an inviting area with snacks and coffee as refreshments. This is a customizable space with dividing walls to help encourage privacy and offer places for students to work independently. There are many plants and exciting conversations with tutors and students. The conference room can be used for group appointments (when available). This is the largest Writing Center on the MSU campus and where the faculty offices are located. If working in a large space with many people sounds exciting to you, come work with us here!

Picture of Wilson Writing Center

Wilson Writing Center Couches


Library Writing Center

 Located on the first floor of the library

Hours 3 PM- 9:45 PM Sunday- Thursday, 9 AM- 3:45 PM

  • Soft lighting
  • Late hours
  • Quiet space
  • Wheelchair appropriate
  • Two tutors available for scheduling
  • Coffee shop

The Library Writing Center is a quiet space with doodles on the windows and funky lamps to brighten up the space. This is the smallest Writing Center on campus with soft lighting where just two tutors work at a time. It is easy to access and has hours that stretch into the evening and weekend. This is the only Writing Center open on Sunday. If you are looking for a more quiet and personal setting, come work with us here!

Outside of Libray Writing Center Inside Library Writing Center

Romney Writing Center

Located in Romney 207

Hours 9 AM-7:30PM Monday-Thursday, 9 AM- 3:45PM Friday, Closed on the Weekend

  • Adjustable lights
  • Many tutors available
  • Many whiteboards
  • Walk-in tutor available
  • Group rooms
  • Wheelchair and sensory appropriate
  • Great for group or independent work
  • Refreshments

The Romney Writing Center is our newest space on campus. This space offers lots of areas to work including two meeting rooms and many tables that can be moved for convenience. The lights are adjustable to help with personal comfort. The two meeting rooms are great for group appointments (if available) or a quiet space where an individual can focus away from the lively chatter of others. A Walk-in Tutor is available to students who have not made an appointment.  There are many whiteboards and markers to map out thoughts or to have fun with. If you are looking for a quiet space or an interactive environment, come work with us here!

Romney Writing Center Conference Room Romney