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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a dynamic, collaborative environment that fosters and maintains a vibrant community of writers across the MSU campuses. As we participate with one another and with others across our University to foster a community of writing, we are guided by the following principles:


The MSU Writing Center understands learning and the creation of knowledge as a social activity, and our community as the organic web of individuals who participate in writing, learning about writing, and teaching writing at Montana State University. This means that our community extends beyond the walls of the MSU Writing Center, and includes students, faculty, staff, administrators, and all others with whom we engage in the practice of writing.


The MSU Writing Center respects the resources (and potential resources) that all individuals and programs bring to our community, as well as the limitations and boundaries. We respect all individuals’ intelligence and ability to learn, all individuals’ personal dignity and courage, and all individuals’ cultural background and personal value system.


The MSU Writing Center partners with community members to support and develop the practice of writing at MSU. We understand each community member as contributing to the shared goal of the learning and teaching of writing, and we bring our expertise to inform and to serve that shared goal.


The MSU Writing Center understands that, although we are a community, each member of the community has self-interests. As much as possible, we will recognize and serve the self-interests of all involved individuals and programs.


The MSU Writing Center understands that, to foster the community of writing at MSU, our projects and initiatives will be continually evolving. We will be mindful of our changing environment, and responsive to the dynamic needs of our community.