montana hallThe Montana Anatomical Education Consortium (MAEC) was formed to promote the cooperation and exchange of expertise among the anatomy professors across Montana.  The MAEC is a network of individuals who use cadavers to teach anatomy in professional schools and pre-professional programs. The purpose of the consortium is to promote health sciences education in Montana by sharing information and resources for anatomy teaching. Membership is open to all anatomy educators in those venues and there is no charge.

The MAEC is affiliated with the Montana Body Donation Program (MBDP) because of the special requirements of anatomy educators to obtain high quality anatomical materials, prosections, or dissections for their teaching needs. The professional skills and ethics of anatomists are different from those required in other fields of biomedical instruction.  Anatomists need to maintain an educationally effective, secure, safety-conscious and respectful laboratory teaching environment.  This is a complex task that can be greatly facilitated by sharing experience, new ideas, and resources between different programs.

The MAEC web page provides information for establishing or maintaining an effective anatomy teaching program that uses cadavers.

 Topics include:

  • Cadaver procurement procedures
  • Laboratory security and safety standards
  • Cadaver maintenance procedures
  • Suggested educational resources—texts, dissectors, and atlases

Education is the purpose of this program. We are available to help you in different aspects of anatomy education, from helping you obtain cadavers for training students to providing suggestions on use of cadavers in the laboratory. The goals are that the MAEC will be a helpful to new and growing programs, and foster cooperation and exchange of expertise among the established anatomy programs in Montana.

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