XING ("Crossing") seeks to create and innovate cross-disciplinary solutions for next-generation smart grids, overlapping climate science, AI and machine learning, and socio-economics to address the most pressing needs. Modern power systems are confronted with degraded and even stranded operational performances subject to growing complexity, uncertainty, and volatility from large-scale integration of renewable and distributed energy resources (DERs). Toward next-generation intelligent grids, our mission is to bridge the gap between energy system research and state-of-the-art data science by utilizing diversified data from weather and renewable generation data, phasor measurement units (PMUs), and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, etc.

smart grid

Intelligent grid technologies are modernizing the grid to make it “smarter” through the use of cutting-edge equipment, technologies, and controls that communicate and work together to deliver electricity through transmission and distribution networks more reliably and efficiently. (Picture Source: NTU, Dr. Yan Xu)