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Montana State University A #MontanaState evolutionary biologist has found that theropod dinosaurs with bony ornaments, like horns and crests, evolved to gigantic body sizes as much as 20 times faster than species without them. These ornaments perform a wide variety of functions, the most important being social communication and competition for mates. “They are more than mere decorations; they are vital for reproductive success by determining which individuals pass along their genes to the next generation,” said Chris Organ, research professor in MSU’s Department of Earth Sciences in the College of Letters and Science. “Figuring out how ornaments evolve is important for understanding behavior in general, but will also advance the understanding of dinosaur behavior.”
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MSU scientist publishes dinosaur research linking bony cranial ornamentation to body sizemontana.eduMSU Research Professor Chris Organ has published a paper that details how theropod dinosaurs with bony cranial ornaments, like horns and crests, evolved to gigantic body sizes as much as 20 times faster than species without them.
Kyle Butler Matthew, this was my Taekwondo instructor20 hours ago
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Raz Azzam My graduation at Montana State University
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Haitham Namarneh يسعد قلبها صديقتي المتألقة دايماYesterday at 6:01am
Ahmad Alashi Congrats friendYesterday at 6:17am
Lea Anne What a great momentYesterday at 6:34am
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Montana Small Business Development Centers Bozeman advisor Anya Petersen-Frey at Montana State University was a Spark presenter for MSU Park County Extension!
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  • Welcome to Montana State University. Enjoy a short preview slideshow of some of our favorite traditions.

  • Catapalooza is a three day festival on Centennial Mall, the main walkway through campus, to welcome new and returning students to campus.

  • The "M" - built by students in 1916 - is not only a monument of school spirit; it's also one of the area's most popular hiking destinations.

  • Bobcat Fest is a celebration of graduating seniors on Main Street each April that features a live band, free food, and other giveaways.

  • Move-In Day is when volunteers from campus and the community show up to welcome new students and help them move into the residence halls.

  • Blue & Gold Fridays are just that. Every Friday, everyone wears Blue and Gold gear to show their school pride. Go CATS!

  • Cat/Griz is one of the longest standing football rivalries in the country. Each November, the Cats go head to head with the Grizzlies of UM.

  • Undie Run is when students show their Bobcat pride by peeling down to their blue and gold bloomers to run a spirited lap around campus.

  • Gold Rush marks the first home football game of the season and Bobcat fans "fill the stadium with gold" to help kick off the season.

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