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Montana State University Wow! Fifty-one Montana high school seniors from across the state have been selected for their effort and potential as the inaugural class of #MontanaState's Hilleman Scholars Program, named after one of the state’s most influential, but least known, native sons. Born on a farm in Miles City in 1919, Maurice Hilleman had been planning to go to work at a local department store in Miles City for a career when his brother told him that MSU – then Montana State College – offered scholarships. Hilleman applied, won a scholarship and graduated in 1941. Over the course of the next 43 years, Hilleman became the world’s leading vaccinologist, developing more than 40 important vaccines for human and animal health. Of the 14 vaccines commonly given to children, Hilleman developed nine. Among them are vaccines for measles, mumps, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis and pneumonia. He spent the majority of his career at Merck & Co., which recently estimated his vaccines have been given to more than 750 million people worldwide. The Hilleman Scholars come from more than 26 cities and towns across Montana that include many small towns in the state such as Circle, Chinook, Stanford, Valier, Conrad and Pinesdale. Congratulations!
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MSU inaugurates Hilleman Scholars Program for Montanans in honor of world’s most famous vaccinologistmontana.eduMontana native Maurice Hilleman has been credited with saving more lives than any other scientist in the 20th century. This summer, MSU inaugurated a scholarship program in his name for 51 incoming Montana freshmen.
Thomas Luhrsen Good luck, Kimberly Rogers. We love you and are proud of you!7 hours ago
Ashley Koenig Oh hey Shelby Kay Morris and Kacie Cummings, look at you two over achievers 😉 congrats! Proud of you both ☺️6 hours ago
Susan Nesbitt Carroll Yay! Kaitlin McCormack!6 hours ago
Wanda Lee Edwards LaRoche Congratulations to you all !19 hours ago
Michael Frisina Congratulations Hilleman scholars!😎17 hours ago
Lori Foss Montgomery Way to go Hannah!15 hours ago
Brenda Lorang Byrnes Way to go Kacie!6 hours ago
Laney Galloup I spy Holly Lynn15 hours ago
Rick Macy Great job. All of you deserve a standing ovation.10 hours ago
Patty Burns Boyd Thank you Mr. Hillemam for you contribution to public health.8 hours ago
Lara Mosdal Congrats -- great story too!17 hours ago
LouAnn Hansen Congrats to all!18 hours ago
Betty Wezel Boxmeyer Awesome young people!9 hours ago
Lisa Carol WTG! Good job Spencer!17 hours ago
Tamara Guerth Mobley Yay Kim!12 hours ago
Kathleen Meade Awesome!14 hours ago
Vicki Geer Way to go. 😃10 hours ago
Kerry K Gilham McKay So proud of you Waylon McKay.12 hours ago
Riley Murphy Mariele Lensink5 hours ago
Shelley Andres Go Shelby Kay Morris Go7 hours ago
Cathy Cole Ratzburg Good job Jordan Stoltz!14 hours ago
John Walker Congrats Jordan Stoltz!!18 hours ago
Montana State University Huge congratulations to Michael Ruiz, a graduate of #MontanaState's Department of Sociology and Anthropology, who has received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Program Fellowship that he will use at Harvard University to study how cell and tissue mechanics impact the evolution of human bodies. The fellowship provides $34,000 a year for three years. Ruiz, who is a first-generation college student, says that “MSU provided me with a forum, a space and a team to empower myself through education."
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MSU graduate receives NSF fellowship to pursue doctoral studies at Harvard Universitymontana.eduMichael Ruiz has received a National Science Foundation fellowship to pursue research of how cell and tissue mechanics impact the evolution of human bodies.
Cynthia Hufnagel That is so awesome. I am so proud to be a Montana State University alumni. I wish you all the best.Yesterday at 10:31am
Megkian Doyle Woot woot! Nice job Michael!Yesterday at 7:42pm
Phillip Eaton Awesome! And congratulations! You're achieving a dream.Yesterday at 9:35am
Teri Sinopoli Congratulations to you, Michael. ..Yesterday at 4:44pm
Mary Brigid Hayes Congratulations Michael Ruiz!Yesterday at 4:01pm
Frank William Wilson Jr. NICE19 hours ago
Montana State University Congratulations to Mark Fiege, a historian known for his writing and thinking about the environment of the American West and the country’s national parks, who has been selected as the Wallace Stegner Endowed Chair in Western American Studies at #MontanaState. “I am thrilled that we have been able to attract a scholar of Mark’s stature to MSU,” said Nic Rae, dean of the MSU College of Letters and Science, where the endowed chair is housed. “Mark’s appointment to the Stegner Chair in tandem with our new Western Lands and Peoples Initiative will establish MSU as a center of excellence for the study of the past, present and future of the North American West.”
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Environmental historian named Wallace Stegner endowed chair at MSUmontana.eduMark Fiege, a historian known for his writing and thinking about the environment of the American West and the country’s national parks, has been selected as the Wallace Stegner Endowed Chair in Western American Studies at MSU.
Jill Myhre He looks like Richard D. The actorMonday at 4:55pm
  • Welcome to Montana State University. Enjoy a short preview slideshow of some of our favorite traditions.

  • Catapalooza is a three day festival on Centennial Mall, the main walkway through campus, to welcome new and returning students to campus.

  • The "M" - built by students in 1916 - is not only a monument of school spirit; it's also one of the area's most popular hiking destinations.

  • Bobcat Fest is a celebration of graduating seniors on Main Street each April that features a live band, free food, and other giveaways.

  • Move-In Day is when volunteers from campus and the community show up to welcome new students and help them move into the residence halls.

  • Blue & Gold Fridays are just that. Every Friday, everyone wears Blue and Gold gear to show their school pride. Go CATS!

  • Cat/Griz is one of the longest standing football rivalries in the country. Each November, the Cats go head to head with the Grizzlies of UM.

  • Undie Run is when students show their Bobcat pride by peeling down to their blue and gold bloomers to run a spirited lap around campus.

  • Gold Rush marks the first home football game of the season and Bobcat fans "fill the stadium with gold" to help kick off the season.

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