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Montana State University Welcome to Montana State University, Leon Costello! We're excited to welcome you as the new head of Bobcat Athletics! #GoCatsGo #MontanaState
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Michelle Cornelson Love my Cats!!! πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™ Hope I love the new AD as much!!!34 minutes ago
Thomas E. Francis Can't wait for a great season41 minutes ago
Thomas E. Francis Good luck Leon33 minutes ago
Nikki Ironshell GO BOBCATS41 minutes ago
Kyle Kulseth I don't like okra or relish. I've tried okra and relish. I don't hate being around okra or relish. I don't hate being around people who like okra or relish. I just would rather not proceed having further interludes with okra or relish. I don't think you can like or dislike okra or relish unless you've tried okra or relish. There's this whole world out there. You don't know you don't like okra or relish if the only thing green you've eaten is spinach. Boy, I envy Popeye. He seems happy with his spinach. I wonder why okra or relish don't help Popeye. Maybe he's only tried spinach. I've never been able to figure how how he opened the can without a can opener the first time if he needs the strength of spinach to open the can without a can opener.41 minutes ago
John Groom I can only hope the we can have a winning season. 1984 was a long time ago.13 minutes ago
Mike Smith But can you beat the Griz at football!!!!!24 minutes ago
Chris McAdam Mantei We are BOBCATS!!!3 minutes ago
Kyle Kulseth My Mind And Body Has Become So Sensitive To The Spiritual Atmosphere Around me Its Crazy.... I Can Feel When The Satans Are Plotting their Next Attack On me, And It Usually Happens EXACTLY As I Saw It, With Very Minor Variations. Other Times God Has To Forewarn me Of Impending Attacks, And Then There Are The Occasional Left Field Suprise Attacks That Catch me Off Guard. Those Tend To Blow my Mind. Lol Then There Arw Times When I See Angelic Activity Happening. Not That I See The Actual Angels theirselves But Rather they, In A Form Of Light In my Immediate Surroundings. Usually Its A "Random" Spotlight That Appears Next To me Or Somewhere Around me.31 minutes ago
Dave Bakke Are you SURE this time? ; )13 minutes ago
Montana State University Montana State University will be participating in an emergency response exercise on Wednesday, June 1 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. that will involve local, county, state and federal agencies. As part of the exercise, the public may see emergency response vehicles in the parking lot of Marsh Laboratory, which is on the west side of South 19th Avenue at its intersection with West Lincoln Street. Emergency response vehicles may also be seen within the MSU Innovation Campus southwest of the intersection of West College Street and South 19th Avenue. The multi-agency exercise is part of routine emergency response training MSU participates in on a regular basis. Questions about the exercise can be directed to Tracy Ellig, MSU Communications, 406-994-5607 or
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MSU to Participate in Emergency Response Exercisecalendar.msu.montana.eduRoutine exercise in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies
Montana State University Congratulations to all of the winners of the Montana University System Honor Scholarship! We're delighted that 72 percent of those top academically ranked high school scholars from across the state have indicated they plan to attend #MontanaState in the fall. The Montana University System Honor Scholarship was awarded to 204 Montana high school seniors this year. While those students may use the scholarship at any of the state’s colleges, universities or two-year institutions, 146 of the 204 students have applied to attend MSU this fall, according to Ronda Russell, MSU director of admissions. That number is more than all of the other schools combined. Seeing so many MUS Honor Scholarship winners choose MSU is a vote of confidence in our university and indicative of the quality of our programs,” Russell said. β€œWe’re thrilled to have these students join us on our campus and are committed to helping them succeed.”
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MSU remains school of choice for high-achieving students from Montanamontana.eduSeventy-two percent of the top academically ranked high school scholars from across the state have indicated they plan to attend MSU in the fall. The largest share of MUS Honor Scholarship recipients have enrolled at MSU for at least the last six years.
CarolGordon Bollinger Pirrie Good job M.S U. They are bright students and know a good school when they see it!8 hours ago
Lois Jeske Fantastic school. I graduated from MSU. The four years there were some of the best YEARS EVER!8 hours ago
Beau Williams Having graduated from there, I have to question this study.8 hours ago
  • Welcome to Montana State University. Enjoy a short preview slideshow of some of our favorite traditions.

  • Catapalooza is a three day festival on Centennial Mall, the main walkway through campus, to welcome new and returning students to campus.

  • The "M" - built by students in 1916 - is not only a monument of school spirit; it's also one of the area's most popular hiking destinations.

  • Bobcat Fest is a celebration of graduating seniors on Main Street each April that features a live band, free food, and other giveaways.

  • Move-In Day is when volunteers from campus and the community show up to welcome new students and help them move into the residence halls.

  • Blue & Gold Fridays are just that. Every Friday, everyone wears Blue and Gold gear to show their school pride. Go CATS!

  • Cat/Griz is one of the longest standing football rivalries in the country. Each November, the Cats go head to head with the Grizzlies of UM.

  • Undie Run is when students show their Bobcat pride by peeling down to their blue and gold bloomers to run a spirited lap around campus.

  • Gold Rush marks the first home football game of the season and Bobcat fans "fill the stadium with gold" to help kick off the season.

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