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Montana State University The Montana State Exponent launched their new site, head on over to check it out! #MontanaState
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The MSU Exponentmsuexponent.comMontana State's Student Newspaper Since 1895
Montana State University We're lucky to be situated in such a beautiful and wonderful place! #MontanaState
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Bozeman ranked 11th best mid-sized American city to live inwww.bozemandailychronicle.comBozeman has been ranked as the 11th-best mid-sized American city to live in by a "Top 100 Best Places to Live" index published this month by
Zachary Tolby Oh great, now more unwanted people will move here21 hours ago
Chuck Pierce I miss living in Bozeman. Not sure about the affordable housing statement in this article. The wages in BZN cf housing costs are horrible.21 hours ago
Colton James Dont move here!!21 hours ago
Ron Davis Bozeman a "mid-sized city"?20 hours ago
Scott Ellis It'd be higher than that if it didn't keep showing up in these damned rankings.20 hours ago
Jennifer Irwin Harvey I miss Bozeman - beautiful place live.21 hours ago
Tyler Bowen Ranked below Missoula. Face it, Missoula is better at everything.8 hours ago
Byron Farquer Dvm Cva No its terrible, really horrible, you would hate it, your kids would hate it. How about some other place like Omaha or Pittsburg? Anywhere but Bozeman. teehee....19 hours ago
Leonel Collazo III Brittany Bertsch9 hours ago
Nicholas Arena $1 cans PBL's and cowboy hats = good times Carlo , Dom ,16 hours ago
Carlo Arena Dom Arena16 hours ago
Jeanneine Elizabeth Mid -sized ?18 hours ago
Cathy Rash Used to very fun place when it was just a smaller cowtown.. everybody said HI, everybody waved and were polite. Now you get the finger, honks, beggars, pushers, and really smelly "naturals" and the traffic,, ignorant, self important-- On the good side- great airport, some good places to eat, and the Arts. Although I do miss the real "Christmas Concerts' the Bozeman Symphony used to do.19 hours ago
Dylan Cromartie Megan Dodds20 hours ago
Geoff Miller Best mid-sized town maybe. Technically you have to have a population of over 100,000 to be considered a city...20 hours ago
Maxine Sheets We do have horrible wages and housing problems,if you are not rich.but I want k&j to move back20 hours ago
Amber Baldwin Missoula was 8th best!20 hours ago
Lacy N Andy Ludwig Nicki Erickson!!!!20 hours ago
Sage Shahi Ginny Sohn21 hours ago
Joe Miller When did we graduate from 'small town' to 'mid-size city'.... make it stop!!21 hours ago
Carrie Ann Buck Love!!!1 hour ago
Brad Cheryl Sloan We loved our trips to the big city while we were in Montana.2 hours ago
Carol Snider We lived in Bozeman all through high school and college. Both of our children were born in the old Bozeman Deaconess hospital.7 hours ago
Janice Petritz Missoula ranked 7th!10 hours ago
Kristin Dantagnan Shhh!10 hours ago
Garrett Biel Do you have a club ice hockey team at MSU?
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  • Welcome to Montana State University. Enjoy a short preview slideshow of some of our favorite traditions.

  • Catapalooza is a three day festival on Centennial Mall, the main walkway through campus, to welcome new and returning students to campus.

  • The "M" - built by students in 1916 - is not only a monument of school spirit; it's also one of the area's most popular hiking destinations.

  • Bobcat Fest is a celebration of graduating seniors on Main Street each April that features a live band, free food, and other giveaways.

  • Move-In Day is when volunteers from campus and the community show up to welcome new students and help them move into the residence halls.

  • Blue & Gold Fridays are just that. Every Friday, everyone wears Blue and Gold gear to show their school pride. Go CATS!

  • Cat/Griz is one of the longest standing football rivalries in the country. Each November, the Cats go head to head with the Grizzlies of UM.

  • Undie Run is when students show their Bobcat pride by peeling down to their blue and gold bloomers to run a spirited lap around campus.

  • Gold Rush marks the first home football game of the season and Bobcat fans "fill the stadium with gold" to help kick off the season.

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