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Undergraduate Majors at MSU

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This page provides links to major and program pages of specific colleges. If you do not find the major you are looking for please see the MSU catalog's major list that lists all the majors by college. If you are looking for a list of links to the college home pages please see our Colleges and Departments page.

College of Agriculture

Six academic departments offer a range of programs such as Ag Economics; Ag Education; Animal, Plant, and Range Sciences; Biotechnology; Environmental Science; and Preveterinary Medicine.

College of Arts and Architecture

School of Art (graphic design), Film and Photography (Photography, Film and Science and Natural History Filmmaking), School of Architecture, Department of Music

College of Business

The college offers a fully accredited bachelor of science in Business with options in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing, plus many opportunities for business minors.

College of Education, Health and Human Development

The Department of Education offers or coordinates accredited programs for those interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary levels. The Department of Health and Human Development offers programs in Health Promotion, Community Health, Exercise Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Food and Nutrition, and Pre-physical Therapy.

College of Engineering

Programs are offered in Bio-resources, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering, plus Computer Science and Industrial and Management Engineering.

College of Letters and Science

The thirteen departments in the College of Letters and Science offer programs that comprise the majority of the traditional academic disciplines in the humanities (e.g., English) Natural Sciences (e.g., Biology, Pre-Med), and Social Sciences (e.g., Psychology).

College of Nursing

The Montana State University College of Nursing has been educating students for careers in nursing since 1937. It is the oldest state-supported institution offering Nursing education in Montana and the only institution offering master's degrees in Nursing.

University College

University College offers several important academic programs to students, regardless of major. Undergraduate research and creative activity, interdisciplinary study, thematic research seminars, major/career exploration, and national student exchange are just a few more of the many opportunities available. Specific programs include the University Honors Program, the Undergraduate Scholars Program, University Studies, Directed Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies

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Aviation Science and Technology - Associate of Applied Science