What is AFROTC?
The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) at Montana State University is an educational program designed to give YOU the opportunity to become an Air Force officer while completing your degree. Air Force ROTC prepares you to assume positions of increasing responsibility and importance in today's Air Force. In addition, you develop leadership, time management, and organizational skills which are vital to success in college, the Air Force, and beyond. For more information about AFROTC, click here. 

Can I get a scholarship?
Yes! AFROTC offers different types of scholarships. There are high school and in-college scholarships. Visit AFROTC's scholarship pagehere. 

Do I have to be on scholarship to be in AFROTC?
No! You can be a member of AFROTC, fulfill all commissioning requirements, and become an officer in the United States Air Force even if you are not on scholarship. Many cadets pursue this option.

If I take the class, am I committed to the Air Force?
No. You can take the classes with no commitment. Many students do this simply to learn more about the Air Force.

What are my commitments to the Air Force? 
For more information on commitments, click here or here. If you want to know what life as a cadet will be like, click here or here.

Do I have to be a freshman to join?
No, but it is highly recommended that you do. It gives you a stable start and allows you to make friends within your class. It is possible to join sophomore year, but you have to take three AS100 classes and a AS200 class during each semester. 

How do I join? 
Come stop by Hamilton Hall Room 325 and talk to our NCO's, or call them at (406) 994 - 4022. They can give you a lot of helpful information and get you started on paperwork. You can also stop by the AFROTC informational meeting during Freshman Orientation or simply sign up for the MAS 110 Foundations of the USAFMAS 100 USAF Physical Fitness, and MAS 115 Leadership Laboratory classes.  In addition, a cadet must be a US citizen, either by birth or by naturalization. Our Sergeants will need to see an original or true copy (raised seal) of your birth certificate and social security card. Don't worry if you do not have these documents from the start. Please make an effort to retrieve these documents within the first 60 days of the semester. Lastly, to participate in MAS 100 USAF Physical Fitness, all cadets must have a certified DoD physical (DODMERB/MEPS) or a Pre-Participatory Sports Physical (provided at their own expense) from a certified medical authority, showing medical clearance to participate in AFROTC Physical Training. The AFROTC Form 28, Air Force ROTC Pre-Participatory Sports Physical, will be used to confirm student eligibility to participate in AFROTC Physical Training.  All students and cadets are required to have a completed and approved Form 28 before they will be permitted to participate in Physical Training with the cadet wing.  Please click here to obtain an AFROTC Form 28. 

How many cadets are there? 
Detachment 450 has an average class size of 50-70 cadets. Our smaller numbers ensure that everybody gets to know each other and that nobody falls through the cracks. Everyone is important in Det 450.

What career fields are available? 
As an officer in the Air Force, you will be in a position of leadership in your career field.  To see the many career opportunities available, click here

Other questions?
Don't hesitate to stop by Hamilton Hall Rm. 325 (see campus map or printable map) or call (406) 994-4022. For more information, you can also visit afrotc.com.

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Last updated 24 January 2017