Step 1

Complete the online Intent to Register form, available via > Student > MyInfo > Student Services >  MSU Bozeman Intent to Register. If you are changing your major, you’ll want to note your new major as your program of choice on this form.

Step 2

Submit a Return-to-Learn scholarship application. You can apply for a scholarship here.

Step 3

Submit your FAFSA @ to find out what Federal Aid you are eligible for. Check in with our Financial Coaches at (406) 994-4607 if you have any questions about how to fill out any of the forms. There could be grants and scholarships available that you don’t need to pay back.

Step 4

Set up an appointment with an academic advisor to get registered for classes. You can call to make an appointment at (406) 994-3532 or by stopping by 130 Gaines Hall.

Step 5

Check in with your major college/department. Let them know you’re returning and find out who your major faculty advisor will be. Touch base with that faculty member.


Other important information:

Brightspace (D2L):

The learning management system used by MSU is fully online at Brightspace (D2L). There are blended and web-enhanced courses, and this site is where your professors will post their syllabi and other course related materials. The web address is 

Finding your Net ID:

Your Net ID is what will be use to log into Brightspace (D2L) and My Info. You can find your Net ID and prepare to login by following > Student > My Info > Claim/Reclaim NetID > Enter your MSU ID (GID) > Enter your birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) > Claim your Net ID and reset your password.


Contact us if you need assistance!

Phone: (406) 994-4316


Campus Location: SUB 102.

R2L Scholars, on average, experienced a  21% increase in term GPA (AY 2017-2018). 1 in 5 returning students are over  the age of 25. Since 2015, The Office of Return to Learn has helped 431 students return to school.