Current Graduate Students

Mara Kuehn (also part of the Brooker Lab group)

Former Graduate Students

  • John Barton, M.S. (1990) Univ of South Alabama, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
  • Andrea Everingham, M.S. (1997)- Family advocate, Headstart
  • Hui Liu, Ph.D. (1998) Co-sponsored with MSU Neuroscience program
  • Heather Hartman, (2000)- Completed Ph.D., University of Utah
  • Barry Hoopes, M.S. (2002)- Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist
  • Elizabeth Schwartz (Ansley), M.S. (2005)- Physicians Assistant, Bozeman.
  • Katie Coombs, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Arizona
  • Damon McNeill, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Alberta
  • Christy Weeden, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Utah
  • Courtney Chapman M.S. (2009), Medical School
  • Bridget Brox M.S. (2010), Lab Manager, Babcock Laboratory, Adjunct Assistant Professor, MSU department of Psychology (2011). Currently attending graduate school in New Zealand.
  • Nik Williams MS (2011). After graduation, Nik travelled around Asia with his friends and family.
  • Kate Kujawa MS (2014). Kate is continuing to work on projects in my lab this summer. Great to have around Kate!