Research in CAALM

The primary aim of my research is to elucidate the developmental processes (typical and atypical) that explain the influence of emotion regulation on anxiety development across childhood and adolescence. I am particularly interested in understanding the way youth regulate their emotions and their capacity for emotion regulation and in turn how these regulation features (alone or in combination with vulnerabilities and moderating factors) relate to anxiety problems. I take a multi-method approach in my research and utilize cognitive, behavioral, and psychophysiological assessments of affective behavior and mental health problems. Although my current work is mostly lab-based, my plans are to transition into more applied settings (e.g., school, hospitals) over the next five years and use our basic science findings to develop and test preventive and treatment measures for school-aged youth.


Lab Resources

CAALM is located on the fourth floor of Traphagen Hall at Montana State University. The lab consists of two separate rooms that allow for psychophysiological, cognitive, and behavioral testing and a centralized control room that supports video and audio recording. Psychophysiological data (ECG, Respiration, Impedance Cardiography, EDR) are collected using a Biopac MP150/BioNomadix Wireless System and enables us to collect data from two participants simultaneously and is transportable to remote locations.