Pilot Projects


Many of the important and emerging infectious diseases of humans are zoonotic, and most are also potential weapons of bioterrorism. Furthermore, a number of these diseases have reservoirs in the livestock and wildlife of our nation. The goal of this COBRE is to support new investigators and provide the resources needed to advance our understanding of infectious disease pathogenesis and facilitate development of novel therapeutic treatments.

Three Pilot Grants have been awarded!

Agnieszka Rynda-Apple, "Utilizing VLPs to Understand Predisposition to Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia"

Jennifer DuBois, "How IsdG Acts as a Dual Sensor-Catalyst in Bacterial Heme Homeostasis"

Jodi Hedges, "Role of type I IFN and human TLR4 in Coxiella burnetii pathogenesis"

Photo of Jodi Hedges