IHS Nursing Scholarship Program

The MSU College of Nursing’s Caring for Our Own Program has, since 2003, received federal support from the Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, Section 112 of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, to increase the number of nurses who deliver health care services to Indians. The purpose of the grant is to provide academic scholarships to individuals enrolled as juniors and seniors in nursing at Montana State University. Scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend for 12 months each year, tuition and fees and books and supplies. They also receive intensive advising, career guidance and extensive preparation for the national RN licensing examination. In return, students who participate in the IHS Nursing Scholarship Program commit to work for the Indian Health Service for no less than two years following graduation. For more information about the IHS Scholarship program please contact the CO-OP staff at coopnursing@montana.edu.

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

CO-OP students who complete one successful semester at Montana State University are eligible to receive a monthly stipend; amounts vary and are dependent on funding. For more information on this fellowship, contact the CO-OP staff atcoopnursing@montana.edu.

Research and Scholarships available in the College of Nursing

The College of Nursing at Montana State University is dedicated to supporting the endeavors of the faculty and students engaging in research and scholarly projects. To facilitate research endeavors the Office of Research & Scholarship, under the direction of the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education, provides comprehensive pre- and post-award services.
For more Information: http://www.montana.edu/nursing/research/

Montana State University Scholarship and Financial Aid

Freshman and Transfer Scholarships: http://www.montana.edu/admissions/scholarships.shtml

Montana State University awards millions of dollars in scholarships and waiver awards to new students who enter each year. You might qualify for some of this money based on your academic record, financial need, group affiliation, or a combination of the three.

Financial Aid Services: http://www.montana.edu/financialaid/

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