Principal Investigator: Cecily Ryan, Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan received her undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT and her M.S. in Applied Physics from Caltech, where she worked with Dr. Harry Atwater. She earned a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, working with Drs. Craig Criddle and Sarah Billington to understand the end-of-life degradation mechanisms of sustainable biopolymer composites. Prior to her doctoral studies, she was on the research and development team for two Silicon Valley startups focused on sustainable cement and concrete. She is very interested in material structure, processing, properties relationships for composite materials and engineering sustainable material/energy product lifecycles.


If you are a current or prospective Masters or Doctoral student interested in renewable materials research, please contact Dr. Ryan.

Doctoral Students

Aaron Demro: Ph.D. Student, Materials Science


Masters Students

Matthew Solle: M.S. Student, Mechanical Engineering


Undergraduate Students

Jesse Arroyo: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Minor