Recent Publications

1. Kane, S.; Thane, A.; Espinal, M.; Lunday, K.; Armağan, H.; Phillips, A.; Heveran, C.; Ryan, C. (2021). Biomineralization of Plastic Waste to Improve the Strength of Plastic-Reinforced Cement Mortar. Materials , 14, 1949.,

2. Joseph C Janicki, Dilpreet S Bajwa, Douglas Cairns, Roberta Amendola, Cecily Ryan, Alexey Dynkin, (2021).
Gauge Length and Temperature Influence on the Tensile Properties of Stretch Broken Carbon Fiber Tows,
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing,

Free Access to the article is available until June 12, 2021 via our personalized Share Link:,UwqXTl0M

3. Seth Kane, Stephan Warnat, Cecily Ryan, (2021). Improvements in methods for measuring the volume conductivity of electrically conductive carbon powders, Advanced Powder Technology, Volume 32, Issue 3, Pages 702-709,

4. Matthew A. Solle, Jesse Arroyo, Macdonald H. Burgess, Stephan Warnat, Cecily A. Ryan (2019).
Value-added composite bioproducts reinforced with regionally significant agricultural residues,
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing,124,

5. Arroyo, J. and Ryan, C. (2018). Incorporation of carbon nanofillers tunes mechanical and electrical percolation in PHBV: PLA blends. Polymers10(12), p.1371. (Open Access).

Arroyo, J. and Ryan, C., 2018. Code to calculate interfacial interactions for polymer blends and composites.

Code availalbe through this link:



Journal Publications

Cecily A. Ryan, Sarah L. Billington, Craig S. Criddle (2018). Biocomposite fiber-matrix treatments that enhance in-service performance can also accelerate end-of-life fragmentation and anaerobic biodegradation to methane, Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 26: 1715

A a full-text view-only version of this paper is available at:

Cecily A. Ryan, Sarah L. Billington, Craig S. Criddle (2017). Methodology to assess end-of-life anaerobic biodegradation kinetics and methane production potential for composite materials, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 95, Pages 388-399, ISSN 1359-835X,

Cecily A. Ryan, Sarah L. Billington, Craig S. Criddle (2017). Assessment of models for anaerobic biodegradation of a model bioplastic: Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate), Bioresource Technology, Volume 227,Pages 205-213, ISSN 0960-8524,

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