Current Students

Steven Gates

is a B.S. student working to characterize materials such as SU-8 for their use in deformable membrane mirrors for focus control in optical instruments. 

Sarah Lukes

is working on her M.S. degree en route to a Ph.D. degree. Sarah is exploring new surface micromachined deformable membrane mirrors for focus control, and closed-loop control techniques to extend the performance of those devices.

Mohammad Moghimi

is a Ph.D. student developing new MEMS devices and fabrication techniques, especially for micro-optical components. Recently he has been working on bulk micromachined MEMS mirrors for focus control. 

Matt Strathman

a B.S. student working in the MMF to develop new dry etching techniques for deep etching of silicon, including experimentation with hard masks. He is also advancing our optical lithography capabilities.

Xue Xiaohu

is an M.S. student working on heterodyne detection confocal microscopy for in vivo skin imaging and cancer detection. 

Chris Zhang

is a B.S. student helping with electronics design and construction, supporting the confocal microscope development efforts.

Recent Students

Chris Arrasmith

recently received his M.S. degree while building a handheld confocal optical microscope for skin imaging and cancer detection. Chris is now with Alces Technology, Inc.

Erwin "Dan" Dunbar

is a recent B.S. graduate who developed new methods for creating deformable membrane mirrors for focus control in optical instruments. Dan is now at the University of Colorado pursuing his Ph.D.

Prospective Students

If you are interested in pursuing graduate work with Professor Dickensheets, feel free to contact him to discuss your interests. Instruction on how to apply to graduate school at MSU can be found at