Faculty can use Respondus to build an archive of questions that can be reused, shared and exported in many formats. StudyMate lets users create ten Flash-based activities and games.


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Mac not supported


Respondus and StudyMate Campus Licenses are available to faculty associated with the MSU system (Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, Northern).

Instructors who wish to use the Respondus software must download and run the software installation file(s) to install it on their local machine.

StudyMate Campus is cloud-based and appears as a tool within Brightspace LE.

To install Respondus

Respondus installation guide - authenticate using NetID and NetID password combination 

The link will open in a new page or tab dependent upon your setup. After selecting the link you will be required to authenticate - use your NetID and NetID password.

Read the "Respondus Installation Guide" which provides the information and links to the software necessary to install Respondus on your local machine.

Keep the Institution name, Local Support Contact(s), and Installation Password information at hand as it will be used during the licensing process.

Select the installation file link(s):

"Respondus installation file" is for installing Respondus software. Download the file to your computer and follow the prompts to install the software.

Annual requirement for a new password:

The Respondus Campus license is renewed on an annual basis. You may be prompted for a new "activation password" when trying to use a version of Respondus that was installed during a prior timeframe. When prompted that your license has expired, enter this area again and use the "Installation Password:" listed in the installation guide. This information is typically updated during the summer when the campus license is renewed.

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About Respondus

Faculty can use Respondus to build an archive of questions that can be reused, shared and exported in many formats.

Respondus Test Bank Network gives access to online exams and learning activities from official publisher test banks.

Go to the Respondus Test Bank Network site for information about the Test Bank Network

For tutorials related to Respondus, go to extra Respondus Tutorials from MSU-Bozeman

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About StudyMate Campus

“StudyMate Campus” is the cloud-based version of StudyMate that makes it easy for both instructors and students to create flash cards, self-assessments, and learning games.

StudyMate Campus appears as a tool within Brightspace LE and can be accessed via the "Course Resources" menu or via the Contents area within a course.

Access a general tutorial showing how to enable StudyMate inside a Brightspace LE course.

Watch what Respondus StudyMate Campus can do for you!

Instructors can now utilize StudyMate without having to download, install and apply a registration key to use the software - it is readily available inside of Brightspace. Students can use it as well.

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Support Documents from Respondus:

Respondus 4.0 support documentation from the Respondus site.

StudyMate Campus support documentation from the Respondus site.

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Mac (Apple) not supported:

Note that Respondus is for PC based systems only - Mac is not supported.
Note also that StudyMate Campus is available via bowser through Brightspace LE so multiple systems can use it.

Some links will open in a new tab or window dependent on browser/OS configuration.

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