After School Partnership

MSU’s After School Initiative


As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen the preparation of the next generation of new teachers and support children’s academic achievement, MSU launched the After School Initiative in 2011.  We created the After School Partnership – a collaborative project developed between MSU, the Bozeman School District, and the Greater Gallatin United Way—to serve as a central component of MSU’s After School Initiative.  We also joined forces with several other local school districts across the Gallatin Valley so that we could place over 250 pre-service teachers each semester, providing enrichment activities for children in supervised after school settings.

The MSU pre-service teachers volunteering in the after school program are enrolled in either Literature and Literacy for Children (Book Club) or Integrating Technology Into Education (Tech Club) courses. Book Club pre-service teachers design and implement Common Core based lessons that incorporate strategies aimed at motivating children to enjoy reading. Tech Club pre-service teachers produce 21st century digital learning tools to motivate, engage and deliver effective standards based instruction. To date, MSU students from these two clubs have contributed over 5000 hours working with students in schools all across the Gallatin Valley. 



After School Initiative Partner Schools

after school partnership
  • Emily Dickinson Elementary School
  • Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Hyalite Elementary School
  • Irving Elementary School
  • Longfellow Elementary
  • Morning Star Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School
  • Chief Joseph Middle School
  • Sacajawea Middle School
  • Anderson School
  • LaMotte School
  • Monforton School
  • Ridge View Elementary
  • Saddle Peak Elementary
  • Belgrade Middle School
  • Heck/Quaw Elementary
  • Meadowlark Elementary
  • Pine Creek Elementary

Recent research (Purdy & Gibson, 2008; Diez, 2010) tells us that when preservice teachers engage in an after school program they develop stronger skills in communication, teamwork, flexibility, self-motivation, organization, and confidence.
They also develop a more solid understanding of content and develop familiarity
with unfamiliar subject areas.