Case Studies

We are developing six case studies, two each in the Marcellus, the Bakken, and the Powder River Basin. 

Each case study uses primary document review and semi-structured interviews with stakeholders, which may include landowners, agricultural stakeholders, industry, regulatory authorities, and or local government recruited via purposive sampling. 

1. County Coalitions as Impact Mitigation: Local Government Coordination in the Wyoming Coalbed Methane Boom

Sheridan, WY

This report focuses on how communities in the Powder River Basin (PRB) of Wyoming worked to respond to the challenges and opportunities of a fast-paced episode of energy development during a rush of coalbed methane (CBM) (also called coal seam gas or coalbed natural gas) development from 1998 - 2008.


2. Addressing Energy Impacts: A Case Study of the Northwest Landowners Association in North Dakota

Energy development

This case study examines the role of North Dakota’s Northwest Landowners Association in managing impacts from unconventional fossil fuel development through their efforts to address concerns about pipeline development and operation.