In today's complicated society all families, regardless of their resources and ages, can benefit from overall financial planning--one aspect of which is estate planning. 

The following estate planning publications were created at Montana State University by Marsha A. Goetting (Extension Family Economics Specialist), Joel Schumacher (Extension Economics Associate Specialist), and Tim Fitzgerald (Former Assistant Professor-Agricultural Economics).

The MontGuides have been reviewed by professionals  from the appropriate organizations: Business, Estates, Trusts, Tax, and Real  Property Law Section (State Bar of Montana); Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants, Office of Consumer Protection, and Alexander Blewett III School of Law, University of Montana.

Marsha is promoting the Top Ten Estate Planning Actions for Montanans.
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Mineral, Oil, Gas, Leasing

  • Energy Website

  • Understanding Mineral Rights (MT201207HR) (2012)
    Designed to help land and mineral owners understand mineral rights. Understanding what mineral property is, how it is defined, what a mineral interest is, and some of the basic rules associated with mineral ownership are fundamental to understanding the process of mineral development and its effects on land that you may own or have an interest in. 

  • Oil and Gas Leasing (MT201209HR) (2012)
    Intended to help land and mineral owners understand the oil and gas leasing process. Other mineral property, such as coal or hardrock minerals, may be leased as well, but those substances may require slightly different lease terms. Even though oil and gas resources vary around the state, the terms of leases are similar. 

  • Owning Leased Oil and Gas (MT201208HR) (2012)
    Helps you understand what to expect from the time you sign a lease until you start receiving royalty checks, if and when your oil and gas minerals are produced.

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