Human Resources Forms

Below are links to all the forms on the Human Resources website. For additional assistance please contact Human Resources at 994-3651.



FY18 (2017-2018)

CHOICES FY18 Workbook

2017/2018 CHOICES Enrollment form

CHOICES Retiree FY18 Workbook

CHOICES Retiree Enrollment Form


FY17 (2016-2017)

CHOICES FY17 Workbook
2016/2017 CHOICES Enrollment Form
CHOICES Retiree FY17 Workbook
CHOICES Retiree Enrollment Form



Adult Dependent
Allegiance Confidential Information Release
Allegiance Physician's Statement of Disability
Alternate ID Form
Change in Beneficiary
Family Medical Leave Form
Family Medical Leave Fact Sheet
Ridgeway Enrollment Form
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2016-403B (Supplemental Retirement Annuity Salary Reduction Agreement)
457 (Salary Deferral Agreement State of Montana 457 Deferred Compensation Plan)
PERS Retirement Funds Information
VEBA Enrollment Form
Retiree Separation/Termination Checklist

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 Donated Sick Leave Pool Program

Donated Sick Leave Pool Program
Donated Sick Leave Pool Application Form
Donated Sick Leave Pool Contribution Form
Donated Sick Leave Pool Departmental Finance Obligation
Donated Sick Leave Pool Drive

Additional Benefits Forms

FY17 Benefit Contribution Rates
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Employee Services

Classified Recruitment

Classified Employment Application Materials
Tips for Applying for MSU Classified Positions
New Hire Form
Pre-Recruitment Strat Pay Form
Recruitment Authorization Form (RAF) PDF | Word
Search Summary and Wage Request
Search Summary and Wage Request with Strat Pay
Veteran's Preference Form
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Classification & Compensation


Individual Progression Plan
In Range Progression
Lump Sum Bonus
MUS Classified Titles and Entry Rates
Position Description (skilled crafts)
Job Description Template
Strategic Pay - Individual
Strategic Pay - Multiple Positions


Job Description Template
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New Employees

Certification of Prior Employment
Checklist – Professional Employee
Checklist – Classified Employee
Decedent’s Warrant
Degree History
New Employee Retirement Information Form
New Hire Form
Union Dues Payroll Deduction
Vehicle Use Form and Policy
Workers Compensation
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Terminating Employees

Separation/Termination Checklist (Word)
Separation/Termination Checklist (Retiree)
PERS Retirement Funds Information
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Employee Appointments

Summer Session guidelines and appointment paperwork (SSF/SSC):


Mail Merge Word Documents & Excel Spreadsheets 

Other Professional & Faculty Forms

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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Request

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I-9 Form
Non-US Citizen Form
Non-resident Alien Contract Pay
Out of State Employee Form
W2 Electronic Form Instructions

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Additional Payroll Forms

Additional Compensation
Compensatory Time Agreement
Faculty Union Membership Dues Deduction Form - AFMSU
Leave without Pay Request
Mobile Communications Device Request Authorization Form
Overtime Agreement Form
Payroll Correction Form
Position Budget Adjustment Form
Sick Leave Donation
Off Campus Student Timecards
Union Dues Payroll Deduction Form
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Miscellaneous Forms

Tuition Waivers

Faculty ⁄ Staff Tuition Waiver
Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver Instructions
Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver FAQs
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Personal Information Changes

Confidential Status Removal
Address Change – Employee
Name Change – Employee
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