Lab picture from July 2018

From left: Shelby Constenius, Erik Killian, Hannah
Shuman, Uriah Birchmier, and Jennifer Lachowiec

Our research works at the interfaces of quantitative genetics/genomics, molecular biology, development, and evolutionary biology, using plants, like Arabidopsis thaliana, as a model. 

Research interests revolve around a key challenge in genetics: the goal of predicting phenotypes from genetic sequences. Achieving this goal requires greater understanding of how organisms tolerate genetic and environmental perturbations. Our work focuses on the molecular mechanisms governing genetic and environmental robustness, the ability of organisms to maintain phenotypes despite genetic mutations and environmental change. Eventually, we hope to apply these findings to improve crop varieties.

We are located at Montana State University in magnificent Bozeman, Montana in the Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology department within the historic College of Agriculture.